Lies That Capitalists Tell Us

Many capitalists argue that layers of government bureaucracy prevent them from paying their employees a fairer, living wage. This is a huge whopper, as our regulations (like no child labor, a minimum wage, disability and worker’s compensation, basic environmental impactREAD ON

Health care and the fight for socialism

What is involved here is a social counterrevolution. It has been underway for more than four decades, under Democratic as well as Republican administrations. It was accelerated under the Obama administration following the Wall Street crash of 2008. With theREAD ON

Social Security in the Great Jambalaya

“Fraud,” “embezzlement,” “ransacking,” “looting”: These were the appropriate words to describe what was happening to the Social Security Trust Fund when Republicans were Presidents.  Of course, Bill Clinton went on to “loot” the fund in exactly the same way, hisREAD ON

Don’t Cry For Me Venezuela

ccording to the great Dr. Johnson, “Men can be estimated by those who know them not, only as they are represented by those who know them.” An unavoidable universal contingency – for, indeed, we don’t know most of the peopleREAD ON