Day: March 20, 2010

NY Times Reporter Confirms Obama Made Deal to Kill Public Option

By Miles Mogulescu Entertainment attorney, writer, and political activist  [print_link] Editor’s Note: While we’re not quite happy with Mogulescu’s political strategy of conciliating crooks and opportunistic politicians in any party, preferring a different electoral strategy based foremost on the formation of a broad progressive independent movement, we think this piece is useful insofar as it confirms our old analysis thatContinue reading

Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story

By Louis Proyect Filed under: Film, ultraright — louisproyect [print_link] The timing of the PBS documentary on Lee Atwater titled “Boogie Man” could not be better. As the inventor of the kind of dirty tricks that John McCain used unsuccessfully, Atwater symbolizes the bare-knuckle politics that have worked so well for Republicans since Reagan’s election. Unfortunately for them, the recentContinue reading

This is liberalism?

By David Michael Green The entire regressive agenda is based on lies, most of them both whopping in scale and utterly transparent to any remotely sentient human being. How, then, has it succeeded so well these last thirty years? There are many answers to that question, including, especially, the collapse in confidence of alternative ideologies, the wholesale, marked-down-today-only, outright purchaseContinue reading

The Ultimate Revolution

By Case Wagenvoord [print_link] It seems to me that the nature of the ultimate revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this:  That we are in the process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarch who have always existed and presumably always will exist to get people to love their servitude.— AldousContinue reading

Protecting Israel’s Lawlessness with Spying and Smear Campaign

Most worrying, the report explicitly urged Israeli intelligence agencies like Mossad to take unspecified action against peace activists using entirely legal methods: “Neither changing policy nor improving public relations will suffice…Faced with a potentially existential threat, Israel must treat it as such by focusing its intelligence agencies on this challenge; allocating appropriate resources; developing new knowledge; designing a strategy, executing it.”Continue reading