Month: December 2010

CRITIQUE FROM THE LEFT: Maddow vs. Assange—the limits of mainstream liberals

A SPECIAL PRESENTATION WITH VIDEO AND COMMENTARY Michael Moore Talks Wikileaks, Assange’s Rape Charge on Rachel Maddow Annotated by Patrice Greanville  |  All annotations in brackets [   ] by the editors.  [print_link] BACKGROUNDER Julianne Escobedo Shepherd provides a good summaryREAD ON

France: Not Victorious, But Not Defeated

SPECIAL   The   B u l l e t   •   Socialist Project • E-Bulletin No. 441    December 17, 2010 « Previous  [print_link] Next » Murray Smith IT IS NOW POSSIBLE to begin to draw a tentative balance sheet of the vastREAD ON

Start Treaty Hypocrisy

Again, more flimflam and Kabuki between the powers than any real advance in the work of nuclear disarmament By Stephen Lendman  | [print_link] Hyped support reveals gross hypocrisy about a deeply flawed process and outrageous price for it. More onREAD ON

“WTMS—Rachel Maddow: Obama’s new media courtier?”

“Yes, Obama did!” (Or did he?) Another Maddow apologia pro Obama causa N0. 2 IN OUR WHY THE MEDIA SUCK SERIES  While no one with an atom of decency will deny that Rachel  Maddow has on many occasions performed exceedinglyREAD ON

To the Gay Community: Now That You Can Join the Military, Please Don't!

By Medea Benjamin, December 21, 2010  The peace group I co-founded, CODEPINK, has not only been protesting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the drone attacks in Pakistan, but we have been going to military recruiting stations, high schoolsREAD ON

CINDY SHEEHAN: Don't go, don't kill!

Hailed by many (especially within the establishment) as a huge step forward in civil rights, the repeal of DADT may add little to quality of life in the US or the overall advance in human rights, and that includes gays.READ ON

MSNBC's Cenk Uygur interviews Julian Assange (VIDEO) √

____________________ {NOTE: This is a CROSSRELATED POST WITH OUR CRITIQUE OF RACHEL MADDOW’S ATTACK ON WIKILEAKS and shilling for Obama. We strongly recommend you read this and then check those articles.  Next, draw your own conclusions as to whom youREAD ON

ARCHIVES: Kafka’s Castle is collapsing

By Andrei Loshak, 19th March 2010 | [print_link] You can’t reason with the absurd, as IKEA found when it tried to build a model business in Russia. Institutional corruption is out of control. Kafka’s Castle is finally collapsing. This isREAD ON