Day: January 15, 2011

The Early Days Of The Nation Magazine

FOR PEOPLE TRYING to understand the bankruptcy of American liberalism, there is probably no better place to start than The Nation magazine. I first began subscribing to The Nation in the 1980s when Reagan was in the White House. As a general rule of thumb, the magazine is more readable when a Reagan or a Bush is president. During theContinue reading

Obama in Tucson: Shame, Hypocrisy and Deceit

By Stephen Lendman January 14, 2011 LIKE ALL POLITICIANS, Obama shills for power, plays to the crowd, and hides ugly truths the public has a right to know. His Tucson remarks were no different, displaying intellectual bankruptcy by invoking scripture, heroism, and patriotism, while avoiding what most needed saying – the real cause of January 8th’s violence. A previous article discussedContinue reading

LOUIS PROYECT: The Nation Magazine's Tainted Liberalism

WHY LIBERALISM IS BANKRUPT SERIES #1 posted to on March 1, 2003 | [print_link] BY LOUIS PROYECT This article is an attempt to get to the roots of the yearlong attack on the antiwar movement by figures associated with the Nation Magazine, both within and outside its pages. While this campaign has chiefly been directed at Ramsey Clark andContinue reading

Right-wing and liberal media fawn over Obama speech

By Patrick Martin  15 January 2011  [print_link] President Obama’s Wednesday night speech at a memorial service for the victims of the Tucson massacre has been hailed by all sections of the corporate-controlled media, both liberal and conservative. Its main theme—opposing any political analysis of the attempted assassination of Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords—has become the official line. The right-wing media celebratedContinue reading

BOOKS: Revolutionary Violence and Ted Rall

The Anti-American Manifesto (Seven Stories Press) by Ted Rall Reviewed By Charles M. Young | <<Columnist, cartoonist and author Ted Rall Lots of books collect all the low-hanging fruit in the abundant orchard of corporate state crime and arrange it into a more or less digestible feast, and then they all conclude with a ringing exhortation to elect more DemocratsContinue reading