Day: January 18, 2011

How Propaganda Poisons the Mind – and Our Discourse

The Guardian (UK) happens to be one of the mainstream media’s more consistently “liberal” of all newspapers, yet it doesn’t fail to show liberalism’s characteristic lack of dependability when it comes to issues of importance to the global capitalist system.READ ON

Standing up to Zionist intimidation

WATCH CLOSELY AS Norman Finkelstein stands his ground when pestered by a crying girl arguing the Zionist point of view. How many people would have had the presence of mind to reply as he did when the audience at firstREAD ON

After Brazil flooding, loyalty to the dead

ANIMALS, as usual, provide the best lessons. Let’s hope the good people of Brazil take care of him now. January 17th, 2011 06:10 PM ET   [print_link] Comments (468 comments)  As the death toll from devastating flooding in Brazil continuesREAD ON

What sparked the Tunisian uprising?

The REAL News chief correspondent Paul Jay interviews Prof. Samer Shehata “A police state exercising total suppression of freedoms is more brittle and open to falling than a semi-authoritarian regime…”  

Assessing Obama's healthcare "reform" and possibility for improvement

Update on Single Payer from Dr. Margaret Flowers By Joan Brunwasser  |  January 16, 2011  |  [print_link]   My guest is Dr. Margaret Flowers, congressional fellow of Physicians for a National Health Program [PNHP]. Welcome back to OpEdNews, Margaret. RepublicanREAD ON

TUCSON DOSSIER (3): Media whitewashes ultra-right in Arizona massacre

By Patrick Martin |  January 11, 2011  [print_link] As more information has emerged about the 22-year-old gunman who carried out a massacre Saturday outside a Tucson supermarket, the American media has sought to downplay the clear connection between his attemptedREAD ON

TUCSON DOSSIER (2) The shootings a warning to the American people

How many shootings does it take before this  country realizes which way the wind is blowing? BARRY GREY 10 January 2011 [print_link] The shooting rampage on Saturday in Tucson, Arizona was clearly an act of right-wing terrorism. The gunman shot aREAD ON

TUCSON DOSSIER (1): Arizona assassination spree tied to political right

By Bill Van Auken  10 January 2011 [print_link] Mounting evidence has linked the 22-year-old gunman who severely wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, killed a federal judge and killed or wounded 18 others in Tucson, Arizona to the political right. According toREAD ON