Day: January 25, 2011

BIG OIL hiding behind "Jobs, Jobs"!

FOR MANY YEARS American business, on the advice of its resident courtesans, the p.r. and advertising industries, has been hiding the enormity of its actions behind sanctimonoius excuses, from “America’s security” to “jobs,” which are only sacred when they serveREAD ON

The Corporate Power’s Big Grab: “Big Government” vs. “Small Government”

STEVEN JONAS, MD, MPH | [print_link] And so, the “small government” folks are now firmly entrenched in the House of Representatives.  As they were in the last Congress, through the filibuster rule they will never be too far from theREAD ON

Beauty (a badly injured kitty) makes a recovery

[youtube][/youtube] __________________________________________________ MADE OUR DAY.  THIS IS THE STORY OF “BEAUTY”, THE XMAS CAT The crew at TGP (all certifiable animal lovers and defenders) wishes to thank Natalie JARNSTEDT, for forwarding this touching story, and for contributing so generously to thisREAD ON

Big Government Is Dead — Even in New York

LIBERAL BETRAYALS DEPT.— Originally at: Newsmax (a rightwing site) Big Government Is Dead — Even in New York By: Wayne Allyn Root [print_link] Thursday, January 20, 2011 Editor’s Note: We republish this article not because at TGP we have suddenlyREAD ON