Day: January 29, 2011

The global ruling class

The superrich are doing fine, thank you.  SATURDAY, JANUARY 22, 2011 Posted by “lenin“ ABOVE: Ah, la vita e bella.  Fox News puppeteer Rupert Murdoch enjoying life with his considerably younger wife. Few tycoons have done more to crush the ragged remnants of democracy around


America's Dire State of the Union

By Stephen Lendman  [print_link] LIKE LAST YEAR, Obama’s address was empty rhetoric, signaling business as usual with a twist – more than ever embracing reactionary extremism, promising harder than ever hard times on Main Street. Last year, an earlier article discussed his first State of


EGYPT IN TURMOIL: Dead-Enders on the Potomac

Still wrapped in multiple layers of hypocrisy, Washington’s policy in the Middle East unravels From the Editors, Middle East Report Online January 29, 2011 [print_link]         Every US administration has its mouthpiece in Washington’s think tank world, its courtier that will slavishly praise its every