Day: January 30, 2011

ARCHIVES: America Has Gone Away

By Paul Craig Roberts | December 29, 2010 [print_link] Anyone who doesn’t believe that the US is an incipient fascist state needs only to consult the latest assault on civil liberty by Fox News (sic). Instead of informing citizens, Fox News (sic) informs on citizens.READ ON

Olbermann's Sacking Shifts US Media Further Right

By Stephen Lendman [print_link]  Jan. 28, 2011 Make no mistake. He didn’t quit. He was pushed, the final straw perhaps being the January 18 FCC-approved Comcast-NBC Merger. Its chairman/CEO Brian Roberts co-chaired the 2000 Republican Convention host committee, and COO Stephen Burke/now NBC Universal CEOREAD ON

EGYPT: The masses defiant

[youtube][/youtube]   ONWARD TO REAL VICTORY people of Egypt.  The whole world is watching and admiring your courage and steadfastness. Let us hope your revolution will not be co-opted by the usual bourgeois reformists in cahoots with the empire.  

All eyes now on the Egyptian army

  WILL the Egyptian army repress of help liberate the people? That’s one of the critical questions at the moment. However, even with an initial fierce response by the army, the Mubarak’s regime is finished.  Just like the Shah’s army, demonstrators will eventually prevail, andREAD ON