Day: March 18, 2011

UN Security Council Approves US War On Libya: Two Views

Editor’s Note: Given the importance of this underhanded maneuver by Western leaders, betraying a mind boggling level of hypocrisy, we present two views on this issue by respected observers. TAKE ONE By Cindy Sheehan | DATELINE: Friday, March 18, 2011READ ON

The Benghazi Bubble

By Justin Raimondo |  | March 17, 2011 THE LATEST WESTERN MILITARY intervention in the Arab world is occasioned by the supposedly imminent crushing of the Libyan rebels by Muammar Gadhafi’s mercenary army. This new crusade, launched amid anREAD ON

Why Is Evil So Sexy, and So Profoundly Glamorous?

By Terry Eagleton, Tikkun Posted on March 18, 2011 Crosspost with For more articles like these, subscribe to get the latest from Tikkun Magazine in its newsletter. THE DEVIL, SO THEY SAY, has all the best tunes, and thisREAD ON

Tyranny And Rebellion – The Breaking Of The Corporate Media Monopoly

Can for-profit media ever serve the public interest? That is indeed the question. Datestamp: 2011-03-11 HISTORIAN Howard Zinn (1922-2010), would be remembered above all for his humanity and warmth, were it not for the crystal clarity of his insight. InREAD ON