Mar 182011

Editor’s Note: Given the importance of this underhanded maneuver by Western leaders, betraying a mind boggling level of hypocrisy, we present two views on this issue by respected observers.


By Cindy Sheehan | DATELINE: Friday, March 18, 2011

JUST HOURS AGO, the UN Security Council led by the US has backed the use of “all necessary measures” against the oil rich country of Libya–including no fly zones.

The UN once again proves to be a toady of the hegemon and the globalists who want to drain this planet dry of every drop of crude oil at any and all costs to the native populations of the countries that have the misfortune to be on top of vast reserves of crude oil. Continue reading »

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Mar 182011

By Justin Raimondo |  | March 17, 2011

Western European leaders like France's Nicolas Sarkozy are now eager to get in on the Libyan adventure.

THE LATEST WESTERN MILITARY intervention in the Arab world is occasioned by the supposedly imminent crushing of the Libyan rebels by Muammar Gadhafi’s mercenary army. This new crusade, launched amid an orgy of moralizing, on Thursday received the official imprimatur of the UN Security Council, which voted in favor of a resolution calling for a “no fly zone,” and “all necessary measures” to stop the projected slaughter short of sending in an “occupying army.” It’s now a race to see whether the British or the French will get in first licks. Continue reading »

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Mar 182011

By Terry Eagleton, Tikkun
Posted on March 18, 2011
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Palin is just one of the many rightwing women who hide hideous views behind beautiful packages.

THE DEVIL, SO THEY SAY, has all the best tunes, and this seems to be the case when it comes to literature as well. Nobody would take a guided tour of Dante’s Paradiso if they could have one of the Inferno instead. Milton’s God sounds like a bureaucratic bore or constipated civil servant, while his Satan shimmers with mutinous life. Nobody would have an orange juice with Oliver Twist if they could have a beer with Fagin instead. So why is evil so sexy, and so profoundly glamorous? And why does virtue seem so boring? Why is it that when I told my thirteen-year-old son I was writing a book on evil, he replied “Wicked!”? Continue reading »

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Mar 182011

Can for-profit media ever serve the public interest? That is indeed the question.

Datestamp: 2011-03-11

HISTORIAN Howard Zinn (1922-2010), would be remembered above all for his humanity and warmth, were it not for the crystal clarity of his insight. In ‘A Power That Governments Can’t Suppress,’ he wrote:

‘There is a tendency to think that what we see in the present moment will continue. We forget how often we have been astonished by the sudden crumbling of institutions, by extraordinary changes in people’s thoughts, by unexpected eruptions of rebellion against tyrannies, by the quick collapse of systems of power that seemed invincible.’ (Zinn, A Power That Governments Can’t Suppress, City Lights, 2007, p.267) Continue reading »

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