World-class scumbag Ted Nugent at it again

Nugent, a self-indulgent hedonist and reactionary by any standard, with a sick penchant for killing animals.


By Rick Jones

Dateline: Houston 2011-04-02

LIKE MINDLESS CANCER CELLS on a frenzied march to kill their host, some members of the human species are not content merely with raping this planet for personal gain to the point of  breaking down all major life-sustaining ecosystems, they must also cause the death of millions of helpless animals to get their twisted kicks. Behind a thick curtain of self-serving rationalizations, so-called recreational hunters fit this category to a “t”, and few can match Ted Nugent for the sheer dedication he brings to this lethal hobby.


The Strange Case of Compulsive Hunter and Fulltime Asshole Ted Nugent

But killing animals for fun is not the only claim this sorry excuse for a human being has to rank high among world-class scumbags. Nugent’s creds as a reactionary are impressive.  Just recently he filed a “A salute to Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, et al.” In a Washington Times opinion piece, Nugent cheered Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck “and all those who are standing up and speaking truth to corrupt power — the radical leftists (sic) who are temporarily in charge of our government.”  Here’s an excerpt:

The undying appreciation Americans have for Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin speaks volumes about the self-evident truth and logic that remains common and sensible across this great land.  On behalf of so many families with whom I am humbled to share a deep connection, I wish to thank and salute both Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin for speaking for us and representing the pragmatism that drives our quality of life.  Of course, I cannot fail also to salute and thank sincerely… so many other conservative, sensible, courageous and reasonable voices all across this country.

In sum, the world upside down, but that’s “conservatism” for you. In his latest exploit Nugent is now using his celebrityhood to push Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder (who as a businessman and Republican doesn’t need much convincing) to lift rules supposedly hamstringing his favorite “sport”.  Here’s the piece as reported by the Detroit Free Press:

Rocker Ted Nugent tells Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder: Lift rules on hunting

LANSING — Rocker and hunter Ted Nugent personally delivered a message Thursday to Gov. Rick Snyder: Dump rules that send hunters to other states and cost Michigan millions of dollars in business.  Nugent said examples are the ban on using bait to attract deer for hunting in the Lower Peninsula, and requiring a license to shoot wild turkeys, which he said are as prolific as mosquitoes.

“Michigan has so many opportunities that are not being utilized because of so many silly, illogical, antiscience regulations that represent a blockade to sportsmen,” Nugent said at the Capitol before meeting Snyder.

He said Michigan should allow more bear-hunting licenses and stop trying to outlaw private preserves — like the one he owns in Jackson County — that host wild boar hunts. He said the state exaggerates the threat of escaped wild pigs.

“I hunt with hundreds of hunters every year and share intimate campfires where they open up and express stuff,” Nugent said. “And it’s embarrassing. They laugh at Michigan.”

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, overheard the interview and piped up that he agrees with Nugent.

“Cabela’s down in Monroe, No. 1 tourist attraction in Michigan, over a million people a year,” said Richardville, referring to the outdoor retailer. “They come here, they buy their hunting and fishing equipment and go hunting in Indiana and Illinois.”

Snyder spokeswoman Sara Wurfel said he is “always happy to talk with people who are passionate about Michigan.”

Mary Dettloff, spokeswoman for the state Department of Natural Resources, challenged Nugent’s claims. She said the 2008 deer-baiting ban in the Lower Peninsula prevents the spread of chronic wasting disease among white-tail deer, and bovine tuberculosis in northeast lower Michigan. Dettloff said the Natural Resources Commission may lift the broad-based baiting ban.

She also said license fees for turkey hunting pay for wildlife management that maintains healthy wild turkey populations. And she said escaped wild pigs are a serious threat and cause millions of dollars of damage.

Detroit-born Nugent lives near Waco, Texas, but maintains his Jackson-area ranch.

“I’m still a Michiganiac,” he said.

A former hunter and chemical engineer, RICK JONES’s chief interest these days is the intersection of land use for industrial applications and water degradation.

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8 thoughts on “World-class scumbag Ted Nugent at it again

  1. In the early 90s, I attended a taping of the Sally Jesse Raphael show on which Cleveland Amory, Wayne Pacelle (still with the Fund for Animals at the time), and Ted Nugent were guests. At the time, Ted’s son who was about 3yrs old, and his blond bimbo wife (not to be confused with Bimbo bread) sat in the audience. Ted bragged how he was teaching his killer kid to practice bowhunting on small farm animals in his barn! Good going, Ted – I bet that little darling is quite a killer Fudd by now! During an intermission, bimbo wife piped up and said that deer deserve to die because they’re such bad parents…apparently she had observed a doe with her fawn – the doe kept pushing the fawn away from a branch on which she was nibbling, and that constituted a “bad mother” that deserved the death penalty!

  2. The bow hunting thing really is an abomination. I despise those motherf@@@@@s. I have a nephew who is obsessed with that. I firmly believe he likes bow hunting, as opposed to using a rifle, because the animal dies a slow, lingering death, which he enjoys watching. Bow hunting shitasses like him and Nugent are an aberrant species. The baiting thing really rests with the needs of bow hunters. They need to bait an animal within range of their medieval weapons in order to hit them. Having no real hunting skills, they would never be able to close enough to hit them. Even within a bow hunter’s shooting range, they typically send their little pointed sticks into an animal’s rump, gut or some other non-vital area. In fact, over 50% of the animals struck by an arrow are never found. It takes little imagination to know the agony that animal must suffer as it slowly dies from starvation and thirst over a period of days if not weeks.

    Bill A.,

  3. Bowhunting causes about 55% of deer that have not been tracked and retrieved by bowhunters more than just minutes, hours, days or weeks of torturous lives – it can be months, and even years, depending where the arrows struck! They die of starvation, dehydration, sepsis, bleeding, etc.
    There are 22 studies (, of bowhunting wounding rates. However, since hunters aren’t like fishermen who always talk about “the one that got away”, the reported numbers to wildlife agencies are unrealistically low! See:The Evils of Bowhunting – The Story of Braveheart the Deer – who lived almost a whole year ( !!!!

  4. Thank you for this article. I’m sick every time I hear Nugent’s name. He is a sadist.
    I would not shed a tear if he were accidentally impaled by some of the weapons he uses to torture and kill animals.

  5. He’s also an abominable coward. He avoided serving in Nam by way of a strategem. I guess fighting animals who can fight back is not his cup of tea. A disgusting piece of scum. How many of his adoring fans know that, or his fellow macho hunters? I suppose he doesn’t brag about that, but it’s a matter of record.

  6. This scumbag’s “fans” feel exactly the way he does about torturing animals; he has a huge “sportsmen” following, and the radical and extreme “right” – a bunch of cowards like their idol!! I doubt that there are still any music fans around!

  7. cowards are u that sit in a warm little house in the middle of woods and wait to see a deer hundreds of yards away and then shoot it wheret is the sport in that don’t mix up true bow hunters with weekend bowhunterswe take aim and put our arrows where they kill not wound or we don’t take the shot u guys piiss me off go read how ur hamburger or ur chicken is treated and then killed don’t knock somthin u no nothing about and. for u vegans out there might wanna see how ur veggies and tofu is treated to

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