Day: January 30, 2012

Dear Andrew Sullivan: Why Focus on Obama’s Dumbest Critics?

Conor Friedersdorf A major defense of the president exaggerates Obama’s accomplishments and misses the point: his scandalous transgressions against rule of law. After reading Andrew Sullivan’s Newsweek essay about President Obama, his critics, and his re-election bid, I implore him to ponder just one question. How would you have reacted in 2008 if any Republican ran promising to do theContinue reading

How Fox News Is Destroying The Republican Party

By Eric Boehlert Wannabe kingmaker Roger Ailes (below) is facing an open revolt. More and more despondent conservatives are expressing alarm over the unfolding Republican primary season and what they see as the party’s dwindling chances of defeating President Obama in November. A report from MediaMattersRoger Ailes, image from wikipedia Wannabe kingmaker Roger Ailes is facing an open revolt. More andContinue reading