Day: February 10, 2012

Hedges’ Hypocrisies

Tactics & Strategies for social change— The Surgeons of Occupy   by PETER GELDERLOOS In his February 6 article entitled, “The Cancer of Occupy,”Chris Hedges attempts to analyze the political beliefs and practices of the black bloc, a group he characterizes as the scourge of


Learning From La Venezuela

by david swansonSuggested by antemedius, a fraternal site The truth about socialism, about a grassroots democracy, and the “demonstration effect” such alternatives to capitalism can detonate are deeply feared by the empire managers—hence they must be snuffed out.—Eds Imagine that your son, your darling little


BOOKS: Revolutionary Doctors

Healthcare as it should be Cuba’s doctors also treat foreigners either in Cuba or as part of Cuba’s wordlwide system of medical missions to the poorest countries.  As part of the aptly named “Operation Miracle”, targetting eye diseases, the Cuban physicians have treated more than 750,000 people for