Feb 102012

By Gaither Stewart

Monti and his ilk mirror the decrepit state of political independence of the European bourgeoisie and its figureheads.

[Rome] Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti has enjoyed a triumphant reception in the United States, the traditional signal of the state of Italo-US relations. Time Magazine, Congress, the White House, the UN and Wall Street hailed him as the chief of Italy’s refounded good-standing. This time however the welcome was clearly to Europe’s outstanding capitalist leader.

This week’s Time Magazine cover poses the question whether Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti can save Europe? The response of official American Capitalism is a loud YES. The answer of European Capitalism has been, yes. Yes, he can. In fact miracles are expected of the man recently named European of the Year. Triumphant also in London and a celebrity in Berlin and Paris, Monti on his accession to power immediately joined German Chancellor Merkel and French President Sarkozy in an iron-clad austerity alliance at the helm of Europe. A statesman-capitalist in the traditional sense of de Gaulle or Churchill, Mario Monti is already credited for turning Italy around. His clearly stated goal is the creation of a new lifestyle in Italy. Continue reading »

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Feb 102012

“The signs that Iran will be a new target for the U.S. are ominous and unmistakable,” but there are no indications that the Islamic Republic will break under superpower pressure. Instead, the Iranian president is visiting with other heads of state on the U.S. hit list. Washington’s demonization machinery is at full throttle, yet the truth remains: “Iran continues to be inconvenient to the United States for the simple reason that it exists and asserts its rights as a sovereign nation.”

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

The devils in Washington do go crazy whenever their will is thwarted.”

It is a good thing for people all over the world that Iran feels confident enough to threaten resistance to United States aggression. In the uni-polar world, that is to say one controlled by American interests, the only salvation for humanity is the ability and willingness of nations to push back against imperialism’s dictates.

The signs that Iran will be a new target for the U.S. are ominous and unmistakable. The propaganda campaign against it is growing, with constant and false claims that Iran is a danger to the world and on the verge of producing nuclear weapons. Continue reading »

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Feb 102012

Tactics & Strategies for social change—

The Surgeons of Occupy



In his February 6 article entitled, “The Cancer of Occupy,”Chris Hedges attempts to analyze the political beliefs and practices of the black bloc, a group he characterizes as the scourge of the Occupy movement. Although Mr. Hedges evidently conducted at least a little to research his article, he does not quote a single proponent or participant of a black bloc, neither within the Occupy movement nor from any of the many other black blocs that have been organized in the United States. Such research would not have been difficult. There are a plethora of anarchist blogs, websites, newspapers, and magazines that discuss Occupy, the black bloc, and even the use of the black bloc within Occupy protests. Continue reading »

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Feb 102012

By Kristen Gwynne, Crosspost with AlterNet

On Thursday, Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi joined guest host Sam Seder on  Current TV’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann to explain why he went from optimistic  to disappointed by the $26 billion settlement to be paid to victims of robo-signing and other foreclosure fraud. 

Tabbi says that as more of the banks’ bad behavior is exposed, it will become obvious that they must shut down to pay for their crimes, because the reparations necessary would bleed them dry.  This settlement, he says, is a “kewpie doll” for victims of banker greed, and won’t “stem the tide or turn the tables for these people.”  

Watch it below. Continue reading »

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Feb 102012

by david swanson
Suggested by antemedius, a fraternal site

The truth about socialism, about a grassroots democracy, and the “demonstration effect” such alternatives to capitalism can detonate are deeply feared by the empire managers—hence they must be snuffed out.—Eds

Imagine that your son, your darling little boy, was killed during the past eight years in a war that served purely to kill a whole lot of Iraqis and enrich a small number of billionaires, while causing horrible environmental damage, stripping away our civil liberties, and poisoning foreign relations elsewhere. And imagine that, instead of avoiding this reality or lying about it, you confronted it.  Further, imagine that you became so famous confronting it, that everybody wanted to be your friend, at least for a minute. You might even get invited to Venezuela by President Hugo Chavez, and you might go with a mind open to hearing what he had to say. Continue reading »

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