Day: March 8, 2012

Richest 1 Percent Account For Nearly All Of U.S. Recovery’s Gains: Report

Editor’s Note: How many times do we have to hear this to really start getting pissed? The notion that gross inequality has something to do with the impossibility of attaining economic recovery (an elusive term anyway) is obvious and undeniableREAD ON

Child poverty on the rise in Germany

No more “German miracle”, eh? Capitalism ate it.  Unemployed mother scans the want ads.  By Elizabeth Zimmermann, WSWS.ORG , a socialist organizationThank you, WSWS.ORG8 March 2012 “There is no cause for celebration. We continue to have a scandalously high level of child povertyREAD ON

FILM ARCHIVE: Reflections on a degenerate Hollywood

Editor’s Note: The following critiques are not offered here as regular movie reviews (which normally appear right after the film has come out or before it makes its theatrical debut), but as commentaries on a trend we have often decriedREAD ON