Day: March 23, 2012

Kony2012: militarization and disinformation blowback

By Horace Campbell, PambazukaThank you, Pambazuka NEWS 2012-03-22, Issue 578 cc J G LA ‘This Kony2012 video has reinforced my own conviction that demilitarization and peace in Africa is intricately connected to demilitarization and peace in the United States.’ INTRODUCTION In any major disinformation campaign, the minimum requirement for success is to at least be credible. Invisible Children, Inc. isContinue reading

Political issues in the Toulouse shootings

By Alex Lantier, WSWS.ORG, a socialist organizationThank you, WSWS.ORG. Elite police units (left) killed Mohamed Merah yesterday after a two-day standoff at his apartment in the French city of Toulouse, where Merah was suspected of killing seven people in a nine-day shooting rampage against paratroopers and Jewish schoolchildren.As always in the beginning of such cases, one is confined to theContinue reading