The refreshing (and brave) Mr. Galloway [Archives]

It’s always energizing for people on the real left to watch a man telling the Congressional mafia off—in plain English. Or lambasting the concubine media. This post highlights some of George Galloway’s outings; we only wish we had an American counterpart anywhere in the political firmament, but we don’t. Only the censored voices speak like Galloway: Sheehan, Nader, Parenti, McChesney, Petras, Herman, Chomsky and so on and so forth. And even when Galloway turned up in the US Congress his appearance was not widely covered. But, as Lincoln said of Gen. Grant, after years of waiting for Gen. McLellan to act in a decisive way, “he fights.”

We have also included other classics by Mr. Galloway. Refreshing indeed.—Eds

George Galloway vs. U.S Senate (5/17/05)

 George Galloway rips Fox News (well, Skynews, the British version of it.)

And note how the anchorman—a veritable presstitute—tries desperately to bias the presentation against Cuba. Tragedy is, the so-called “liberal” channels, the American networks, from broadcast to cable, often do exactly the same.

George Galloway shames TV Host.

The subject is the scandalously biased reportage on the Middle East. Galloway concludes, “No justice, no peace!”









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