Pathetic rightwing/corporate crap—YET hailed by millions of fools [VIDEO]

“If You Want America to Fail…” (

By Patrice Greanville

The United States has long been a highly manipulated nation, as it has one of the most class-conscious, well organized, ruling classes in the world (in contrast to the masses, who remain among the most benighted and politically confused in the world).  With trillions in assets, these plutocrats have innumerable tools at their disposal to brainwash the people around the clock–and they succeed.

The product of this horrendous chauvinist brainwash, besides laying waste to entire largely defenseless nations under false pretenses, a vile exercise in which the American mainstream media plays a critical enabling role, is an endless stream of policies supporting such wars and the gradual impoverishment of the ordinary citizen, these days a frontal assault on the American middle class, and their hard–won safety net, as more and more of the nation’s wealth is shoveled up–with impunity–not to the “1%” but to the 0.001%–where the real power lies.

Considering these rather self-evident facts, after a lifetime in America it continues to amaze me how many recalcitrant fools this country still has.  Here’s an example of transparent corporate propaganda fueled by the usual lies and distortions about the wonders of the free market, this time going so far as criminalizing environmentalism itself. Yet more than 2 million “liberty addicts” are there essentially saluting and cheering it on!

Under such circumstances can we escape a civil war in America? The right-wing mind cannot be reached as long as the system retains practically all the cards in the mass communications game. No one could have imagined in the 18th century that this nation would be literally poisoned by its “love of  freedom” –a value so twisted and cynically exploited today by precisely those who trample upon everything, starting with the lives and destiny of these fools, and, sweet irony, their freedoms.

But perhaps the unkindest cut is that many of these people are motivated by their hatred for Obama, who amply deserves scorn for his betrayals and hypocrisy, but these people–operating in an upside down reality system hate him for all the wrong reasons–thinking he’s a leftist, a revolutionary, a crusader for the people, the scourge of Wall Street, and so on. I wish that were true, for a change.

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WARNING: Watching this packet of slick crap may make you puke. In fact I almost guarantee it.–PG










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3 thoughts on “Pathetic rightwing/corporate crap—YET hailed by millions of fools [VIDEO]

  1. The United States is a hard commercial entity that for the last decades could not impose so easily its will on the rest of the world, so it is turning its aggression inward, which will ultimately be its destruction. The outside world well learnt by now “Timeo americani et dona ferentes”.

    Its Capitalist credo is the French Renaissance epigram: “Chacun pour soi-même et Dieu pour nous tous”, which fits perfectly the Enlightenment’s mistaken idea of freedom as pronounced by such as Rousseau. It leaves everyone free to compete against their fellow human beings without regard for the common good, reason why the social structure and its provisions are so poor within the US. And the reason why the scum drifts naturally upward.

    I see no rational resistance but ultimately violent rebellions against the status quo without much analysis of how to make things better. The average citizen if such an animal exists, instinctively knows that something is gnawing away at his/her efforts to have a decent human existence but the purposeful lack of instruction in school on how to form one’s thoughts keeps everyone in bondage.

    What will the future be for such a country ? One only needs to see the prophesy of some of the movies from the Hollywood dream factory, like Planet of the Apes, Bladerunner, Escape from New York and such to form an idea what probably lies ahead of us. Unless common sense would suddenly and miraculously prevail, but do not hold your breath.

    The 1960’s hippy movement was in essence so much more of a threat to the elites than occupy Wall Street, because they attack them on the elite home ground where the power holders know exactly how to beat them back. But in the 1960’s the passive refusal to participate in capitalist society and its values made it virtually impossible to counteract and control.

    As for ownership and management by workers, if these retain the profit principle, we are much better off as Luddites, following the writings of John Zerzan and thus save nature from our destructive selves. The direct warnings of Charlie Chaplin’s “Modern Times” are now far direr as we are all caught up so mercilessly in the cogs of this machine. And McLuhan was correct, our senses are hypnotized into rote and mechanical solutions.

    Like the I’Ching says: “Six on third place means: Onwards and backwards, Abyss upon abyss. In such danger pause at first, otherwise you land into a deeper hole in the abyss. Do not act like that.”

  2. Although I hate the uses of the word, for lack of a better one, we are afflicted by a spiritual sickness. But we are also in the grips of multiple delusions fed, or starved, by a colossal propaganda machine that encompasses all media and pervades every institution of life from the family to the schools, corporations, military, religious and civic organs.

    The victims, and they are legion, will defend to the death the rights of their overseers to beat and abuse them. And will murder, figuratively and literally, anyone who dares to say otherwise.

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