Month: November 2012

{OpEds} Super-etatism and Socialism: Towards a Statement of the Problem

Alexander Tarasov The lessons of the Soviet Union are of universal value as humanity struggles to transcend capitalism. Here we present some visions and critiques from a leading Russian thinker NOTE: THE SELECTION OF PHOTOS AND CAPTIONS THAT ACCOMPANY THISREAD ON

RETRO ACTIVE: Red Dawn (1984)

From GreenCine Daily; crosspost courtesy of The Political Film Blog by Nick Schager [This week’s “Retro Active” pick is inspired by the North Korean-centric remake Red Dawn.] Of all the places to invade America, Colorado—cutoff from any reasonable airREAD ON

Behind Skyfall: The Not So Charming Face of 007

By Paul Carline, Associate Editor, The Greanville Post “To Empire, with Love” It’s said there are few safer bets in Hollywood than a Bond film.The latest offering in the extremely lucrative Bond franchise – “Skyfall” – has already broken box-officeREAD ON

Woody’s brickbats (#2,307,509): Top execs meeting with Obama and other frauds

Expect nothing department. Just mere theater, to maintain the pretense they’re “working” to seek a solution. Our good Dr. Woody NinetyNiner Konopak reminds us that— This is the list of the CEOs with whom O’Barry will meet today to discussREAD ON

The animal populations stage a comeback—something to celebrate?

Well, not entirely, if you listen carefully to CBS, which ends up giving this recovery only 2-1/2 cheers. The Fast Draw: Pros and cons of growing animal population This is a well done overview, inevitably oversimplified, of our tyrannical relationshipREAD ON