Month: November 2012

{OpEds} Super-etatism and Socialism: Towards a Statement of the Problem

Alexander Tarasov The lessons of the Soviet Union are of universal value as humanity struggles to transcend capitalism. Here we present some visions and critiques from a leading Russian thinker NOTE: THE SELECTION OF PHOTOS AND CAPTIONS THAT ACCOMPANY THIS ARTICLE IS BY THE EDITORS For left-wingers throughout the world there are now two important problems: understanding the reasons forContinue reading

RETRO ACTIVE: Red Dawn (1984)

From GreenCine Daily; crosspost courtesy of The Political Film Blog by Nick Schager [This week’s “Retro Active” pick is inspired by the North Korean-centric remake Red Dawn.] Of all the places to invade America, Colorado—cutoff from any reasonable air or naval support—would seem a pretty terrible choice. But don’t tell that to Red Dawn, John Milius‘ eminently ridiculous timeContinue reading

Woody’s brickbats (#2,307,509): Top execs meeting with Obama and other frauds

Expect nothing department. Just mere theater, to maintain the pretense they’re “working” to seek a solution. Our good Dr. Woody NinetyNiner Konopak reminds us that— This is the list of the CEOs with whom O’Barry will meet today to discuss the final solution to the labor problem, “fiscal cliff” and other huge issues created precisely by the people O’Barry isContinue reading