Nov 012012

By Nadim Fetaih, ROAR Magazine
Originally reported on August 18, 2012

“I will remember all that happened here; I will remember what we are capable of; I will learn from past mistakes; and I will push for a better future…”

After months of militancy in the streets of Montréal, the student strikers now must face off with their biggest foe yet. Yes, the SPVM (Montréal Police) and the SQ (Provincial Police) were known for their brutality against any protester. And yes, there have been major sacrifices by the students, including three of them losing an eye and one being bludgeoned to the point of going comatose. But the hardest force to fight against the student strike has shown its ugly face — the electoral process; the system’s innate ability to take the fight from the streets and use it as a political strong point. Continue reading »

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