Day: November 9, 2012

U.S. Is Allied With And Actively Supports Al-Qaeda: James F. Tracy

By Kourosh Ziabari Crossposted with American political commentator believes that the United States has been constantly allied with Al-Qaeda and supported it militarily and financially. “Major media have recently had to acknowledge that US-NATO interests are aligned with Al Qaeda in Syria, of course overlooking the fact that the US and Sunni States also recruited and armed these soldiersContinue reading

The Political Trial Of A Caring Man And The End Of Justice In America

By John Pilger Source: In 1999, I travelled to Iraq with Denis Halliday who had resigned as assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations rather than enforce a punitive UN embargo on Iraq. Devised and policed by the United States and Britain, the extreme suffering caused by these “sanctions” included, according to Unicef, the deaths of half a million IraqiContinue reading


by Gaither Stewart (ROME-BELGRADE) NATO seems to find Serbia’s autonomy outrageous, its semi-neutrality unacceptable, its modernity anomalous and above all its path to progress dangerous. For North Atlantic Treaty planners and schemers, Serbia—maverick, outsider, rebel—is an infectious disease to be eradicated. Serbia must be chained, normalized and integrated with the rest of Europe as are most southeastern European lands. Serbia’sContinue reading

Greece: Profile of a Failed State

By Stephen Lendman Greece exhibits failed and rogue state characteristics. It governs irresponsibly. It’s beholden more to foreign interests than its own. Banker needs are prioritized. Ruling authority outside Greece dictates terms. The country’s unable or refuses to provide public services. It threatens the welfare of its people. It spurns legitimate rule. It’s bankrupt but won’t declare it. Governance inContinue reading