Bob Dudley, BP’s “American face,” quickly picked as CEO to placate some of the righteous anger elicited by the company’s wanton criminality.

Did the headline shock you? Did it offend your sensibilities? If it did, if it looked like an audacious oxymoronic statement, it speaks highly for your sense of decency and level of cultural and political literacy. If it didn’t and you just bumped into this out of curiosity, read on. It concerns you in more ways than you imagine. We’re talking here about mental pollution, pardner, of the worst possible type, concocted, and disseminated with cold-blooded premeditation (not to mention delivered worldwide with absolute impunity) by the greatest malefactors of our time. Of which BP is certainly one of the most egregious.  This firm alone could have wiped out one of the planet’s most crucial and marvelous ecosystems, along with all its creatures, and it may still do it. Its compulsive predation is far from over since the prostituted politicians of the world —starting with the Americans—are not about to do anything remotely resembling controlling such firms.  They are their servants. But you know all this—or maybe not. So let’s examine. Here’s the summary to BP’s latest effort at “wiping the slate clean” after the image disaster it rightfully received in 2010 during the crisis. Needless to say, the Gulf catastrophe has proved a godsend for the advertising gnomes, who have filled their already bloated filthy pockets with the dollars and pounds dished out by BP to cover its tracks and repel a possible public backlash.

CAMPAIGN: “BP’s Commitment to America”

  • Vetted for veracity by the media: No (They don’t care. Fuck them.)
  • Hypocrisy rating: 100 (out of 100)
  • Main location on you tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BPplc#p
  • Main website: http://www.bp.com/bodycopyarticle.do?categoryId=1&contentId=7052055
  • The official lines: “All’s well in the Gulf”, “New ads promote tourism along the Gulf Coast”
  • The impertinent question: How does Fred Lemond (and other shills) feel about fronting for this corporate criminal?
  • The really really important question: who is behind these stinking lies (besides the management and the owners, of course?
  • The answer: WPP, PLC
  • WPP at a glance
  • But what is WPP???? 


You can read the whole story on the WIKI, but these facts should make it clear that when it comes to its public front BP fittingly travels with the best of the worst humanity has been able to assemble in the area of professional deceit.

WPP (which is unfortunately far from alone in this racquet, an inevitable offshoot of capitalism) is a poisonous ideological octopus that should be extirpated forthwith from the face of the planet. It is eloquent proof—as if we needed further evidence— that the current global system is rotten to the core and without a possibility of remedy or salvation. Its précis just about says it all; it includes an impressive roster of advertising groups that already made their mark in distorting reality for billions of people over many decades, and its p.r. arm houses the filthiest and most sordid firms in the business, whitewashing many of the most execrable criminals—financial and political—that have crossed the stage of history in recent decades.  And they continue to do so, with great elan, impunity, and profitability to those who own them, and without experiencing a single atom of regret or remorse, something about which they know absolutely zero.

WPP plc (LSEWPP NASDAQWPPGY) is a British multinational advertising and public relations company with its main management office in LondonUnited Kingdom, and its executive office in DublinIreland.[3] It is the world’s largest advertising company by revenues, and employs around 162,000 people in 3,000 offices across 110 countries.[2][4] It owns a number of advertising, public relations and market research networks, including GreyBurson-MarstellerHill & KnowltonJWTOgilvy GroupTNS and Young & Rubicam.[2]

WPP has a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. It has a secondary listing on NASDAQ.

THE ACCOMPLICES: The global corporate media.
It’s all very cozy, really, all in the family. And all very, very toxic for humanity and every living thing on the planet.

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    You act like you are helping the environment with something that wasn’t your fault. You caused the problem, no one should thank you for trying to fix it, and you haven’t done a great job at that either. Everyone sees through this pr ploy. BP cares about profit, not ethics and definitely not the American public.If BP cared they wouldn’t need this campaign.
    Jared Slattery 1 week ago

    With our roots in the U.S. dating back almost 150 years, we can assure you that we’re committed to providing energy safely, reliably, and responsibly to meet the needs of America now and in the future. During the past five years we’ve invested more than $52 billion in America. That’s more than any other energy company and more than we invest in any other country.
    BPplc in reply to Jared Slattery (Show the comment) 6 days ago

    bp has paid over 23 billion dollars Buying Politicians to overlook Blatant Pollution, Bad Policy , but we know its just Bad People
    jdefabs2112 1 week ago

    We’ve paid over $23 billion to help people and businesses who were affected by the Gulf spill and to cover cleanup costs.
    BPplc in reply to jdefabs2112 (Show the comment) 6 days ago

    At BP, we are committed to cutting corners and saving pennies at every opportunity so that we can increase profits and make our shareholders happy. As a corporation, our sole interests lie in pleasing our shareholders and padding their pockets. You can be sure with our millions of dollars spent on lobbying the government, we have our shareholders interests and pocketbooks at the forefront of our industry. BP – Committed to Shareholder Value
    craigyjack 1 week ago 7

    Thank god BP cares about America and the Gulf after hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil were dumped into the ocean! As we all know, if you can’t see the effects right here on the shore then BP did their job! Thanks BP for massively polluting our seas and having the funds to dig yourselves out of a hole that other wise should carry the death penalty.
    Aaron Kelly 1 week ago

    BPplc,you should share with the public all the NON-BP oils spills, BP cleaned up in 2010, especially the 1 when the oil storage batteryburst about 5 mi. from Breton Island,if I remember roughly 8/3/10,the deepwater horizon oil never got anywhere near Breton Island,(i checked personally 4x a day)but that other companies oil got within .5 mile of Breton Island,we spotted it,BP skimmers were dispatched without question & onsite b4 call 2 NRC was finished! whole spill cleaned up in lil over 2 hours
    VeniceRECON 3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the support VeniceRECON, we appreciate your recognition of BP’s hard work to keep our commitments to the people of the Gulf Coast. For more information on the on the history of BP and our efforts please visit our website.
    BPplc in reply to VeniceRECON (Show the comment) 2 weeks ago

    Don’t be a collaborator. BP is a terrible company, just like all oil companies. I drive an oil-sucking car, just like the rest of us, but you won’t see me trying to help a $135MMM company with their psychological operations, as a means to skirt the costs of real change.
    I just wiped tar off my foot 2 weeks ago, after swimming at Jupiter beach. Do you think that was tar from a coral reef?
    CHUCKYCHUCKYBOBUCY in reply to VeniceRECON (Show the comment) 1 week ago 5

    We appreciate your honesty. To report oil on the beach, shoreline or other environment or community impacts, please contact the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802 or 202-267-2675.
    BPplc in reply to CHUCKYCHUCKYBOBUCY (Show the comment) 1 week ago

    The audacity of this company is really amazing. They polluted thousands of miles of beautiful coastline, and now they dare run ads on national tv about how committed they are? What a bunch of scumbags. This company should not even exist anymore. They should have been sued into the ground by everyone who enjoys walking on beaches without stepping in puddles of oil.
    baseballfan1234534 4 weeks ago 4

    Like We didn’t have enough Problems. Huh Bp?
    Mathias Daugherty 1 month ago in playlist Favorite Videos

    BP is taking their responsibility pretty seriously. Many of you expect the immediate results from their clean up action, but all of you have to acknowledge that this is a gradual process. Many people online accuse them of corporate greed, but businesses and major corporations are the only reasons that make countries economically strong. It is easy to argue that the financial system is flawed by the lack of ethics, but what all of you stand up against is actually vital to how our society works.
    Leo Choco 1 month ago

    When they ruined our Gulf, our ecosystem-I don’t think any business should be able to operate after they ruined mother nature.

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