Day: November 14, 2012

Movement Strategy Brunches: “Campaign Season” Never Ends for the Professional Left “One Big Progressive Cluster-F–k”

by The INSIDER, Counterpunch President Barack Obama was elected merely a week ago in a presidential campaign that ran a bill of $6 billion. “Campaign Season,” as its called by the electioneering professionals and most journalists, has officially come toREAD ON


VOICES FROM RUSSIA Aleksandr Tarasov SPECIAL DISPATCH FOR THE GREANVILLE POST Moderated by Gaither Stewart Ten Years of Shame: Arguments About Blame THE INTELLECTUALS’ BETRAYAL A critique of Soviet intelligentsia and its counterparts abroad The 1990s were the years inREAD ON

The Real Winner of the 2012 Elections: The Global Electioneering Industry

by STEVE HORN Editors’ Note: Below some of the most notorious spinmasters in America today.  There are many others, as “political consultancy” is now a growth industry as American democracy’s substance dissolves ever more rapidly into pure formality without meaning.READ ON