Nov 142012

by The INSIDER, Counterpunch

Van Jones: Though dissed by Obama in one of his habitual betrayals, Van Jones has stuck to his guns on account of indomitable ambition. He’s likely to become a professional apparatchik in the Democratic party, following in the steps of Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. He appears to be interested in creating an external platform like Operation Push to apply pressure on the party bigwigs.

President Barack Obama was elected merely a week ago in a presidential campaign that ran a bill of $6 billion.

“Campaign Season,” as its called by the electioneering professionals and most journalists, has officially come to an end in the eyes of most citizens and the press, both mainstream and “independent media” alike. For the “Professional Left” though, “campaign season” never actually ends, which explains why they refer to their form of activism as “campaigns.” It’s truth in advertising, at last! Continue reading »

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Nov 142012

Aleksandr Tarasov

Moderated by Gaither Stewart

The betrayal of public intellectuals is now almost universal, especially so in the West, where they scramble to serve established power and imperialist ends while retaining currency in an utterly prostituted culture. Their tool, as usual, is cynicism and sophistry. In France, Bernard-Henri Lévy, a professional decadent and shameless fame-addicted narcissist, who is now clamoring for outright war against Syria, was also a vocal supporter of French intervention in Libya against Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. For his part, another famous “nouvel philosophe” — André Gluckman—has spoken out against human rights abuses by Russian forces in Chechnya. That their pronouncements serve as propaganda gifts for the American-led alliance is apparently of no concern to them at all.

Ten Years of Shame: Arguments About Blame
A critique of Soviet intelligentsia and its counterparts abroad

The 1990s were the years in which the intelligentsia gave up its identity and its autonomy. The intellectual [intelligent] – if he is authentic and not a pseudointellectual (an intellectual by status, a bureaucrat, a clerk, a narrow specialist in a nonindustrial sphere such as education, management, or information technology) – is a creator: a creative individual, a genius, a person engaged in the search for truth through rational (scientific) or emotional (artistic) understanding and assimilation of the world. True intellectuals comprehend their individual role as thinking subjects and their social role as enlighteners and emancipators. Genuine intellectuals are paragons of critical thinking, opposed to conformity and parochialism. Continue reading »

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Nov 142012


Editors’ Note: Below some of the most notorious spinmasters in America today.  There are many others, as “political consultancy” is now a growth industry as American democracy’s substance dissolves ever more rapidly into pure formality without meaning. Akin to public relations, and very much a form of marketing, political consultancy shares a profound indifference, even hostility, to anything resembling principles, the latter almost an alien word in modern American culture.

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Clockwise: Mary Matalin, David Plouffe, James Carville, Dick Morris, Karl Rove, David Axelrod, David Gergen
The pundit class has offered a slew of postmortems in the attempt to extract meaning in the aftermath of the 2012 elections.

Missing from the majority of these analyses altogether: the real winner of the 2012 election. No, not Democratic Party President-elect Barack Obama nor Republican candidate Mitt Romney, but rather what Portland State University Professor of Urban Studies and Planning called the “Global Electioneering” industry in his 2005 book by that namesake. Continue reading »

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Nov 142012

“Shut Up and Gut Social Security and Medicare…”

Imagine Japan attacked at Pearl Harbor in December of 1941 and our political leaders responded by debating the best way to deal with the deficits projected for 1960. This is pretty much the way that Washington works these days.

The political leadership, including the Washington press corps and punditry, were already intently ignoring the economic downturn that is wreaking havoc on the lives of tens of millions of people across the country. Now, in the wake of the destruction from Hurricane Sandy, they will intensify their efforts to ignore global warming. After all, they want the country to focus on the debt, an issue that no one other than the elites view as a problem. Continue reading »

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