Nov 192012 presents: ‘Utopia on the Horizon’, a documentary for those who chose to struggle.

In May 2011, hundreds of thousands of Greeks swarmed into Syntagma Square in Athens to protest against the firesale of their country, their labor rights and their livelihoods to corrupt domestic elites and foreign financial interests.

In a matter of days, a protest camp was set up — organized on the principles of direct democracy, leaderless self-management and mutual aid — providing a glimpse of utopia in the midst of a devastating financial, political and social crisis. On June 28-29, during a Parliamentary vote on further austerity measures, the state finally responded with brutal force, eventually evicting the protesters from the square and crushing the radical potential of their social experiment.

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Nov 192012


Israel airstrike explodes over Gaza. Hamas’ retaliatory shelling is just a pretext. The real object is causing the Palestinians to self-deport. Ethnic cleansing.

In response to a recent upsurge in tit for tat strikes between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza, Israel decided to ratchet up the violence even further by assassinating Hamas’s military chief, Ahmad Jabari. Hamas, which had been playing a minor role in these exchanges and even appears to have been interested in working out a long-term ceasefire, predictably responded by launching hundreds of rockets into Israel, a few even landing near Tel Aviv. Not surprisingly, the Israelis have threatened a wider conflict, to include a possible invasion of Gaza to topple Hamas and eliminate the rocket threat. Continue reading »

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Nov 192012

David Gregory: Obama’s Failure to Embrace CEOs
by Peter Hart, FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting)

Turdus Maximus Gregory (Caption by the Editors)

Post-election lessons are everywhere in the media, as pundits either try to explain how Mitt Romney lost or what Obama must do in his second term.

My favorite example of this came on the front page of USA Today (11/8/12):

If you think it’s somewhat odd that Obama would need to “soothe Wall Street,” then you’ll never make it in big media. Continue reading »

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Nov 192012

Special—Introduction by Gaither Stewart

A. Tarasov

The Intellectuals’ Betrayal, an critical essay focusing on the Russian and global intelligentsia is by Aleksandr Tarasov, a leftwing Russian sociologist from Moscow of the caliber of, if not even superior to, Roland Barthes or Jean Baudrillard. It was originally published by The Greanville Post. I have excerpted this part below because it is directly related to a major theme in my latest novel, Lily Pad Roll: the crushing of Socialist Serbia and the theft of its province of Kosovo where a major U.S. military base was built: Camp Bondsteel. Tarasov’s fields of interest are wide-ranging, from Marxist theory to the phenomenon of the neo-Nazis in Russia. He was once ambushed at night by unknown assailants and so badly beaten he had to be hospitalized.  Russian readers can read more about Aleksandr Tarasov at (

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The tyranny of the media was in full display during the Yugoslav warS of the 1990s. . Continue reading »

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Nov 192012

By Rick Rozoff

The irresponsible expansion of NATO and its conversion to a naked tool for Western (US-led) imperialism is laying the groundwork for a confrontation between continents as the US increasingly threatens China and Russia. The elimination of this type of malignant leadership is now essential for the survival of humanity and the arrival of a lasting peace. Given the appalling magnitude of their crimes, their pervasive corruption, most top Western leaders now fully deserve to be brought before a Nuremberg-type tribunal. —Eds

With the emergence of China as the world’s second-largest economy and its concomitant renewal of (comparatively minor) territorial claims in the East China Sea and South China Sea, the stage is set for a U.S.-Chinese confrontation of a nature and on a scale not seen since before the Sino-Soviet split of 1960. Continue reading »

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