Day: November 19, 2012

“UTOPIA ON THE HORIZON”- a documentary on the Greece struggle presents: ‘Utopia on the Horizon’, a documentary for those who chose to struggle. In May 2011, hundreds of thousands of Greeks swarmed into Syntagma Square in Athens to protest against the firesale of their country, their labor rights andREAD ON

Media turds: NBC’s David Gregory

David Gregory: Obama’s Failure to Embrace CEOs by Peter Hart, FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) Post-election lessons are everywhere in the media, as pundits either try to explain how Mitt Romney lost or what Obama must do in hisREAD ON

Excerpt from The Intellectuals’ Betrayal

Special—Introduction by Gaither Stewart The Intellectuals’ Betrayal, an critical essay focusing on the Russian and global intelligentsia is by Aleksandr Tarasov, a leftwing Russian sociologist from Moscow of the caliber of, if not even superior to, Roland Barthes or JeanREAD ON

U.S. Intensifies Military Encirclement of China

By Rick Rozoff The irresponsible expansion of NATO and its conversion to a naked tool for Western (US-led) imperialism is laying the groundwork for a confrontation between continents as the US increasingly threatens China and Russia. The elimination of thisREAD ON