Day: November 24, 2012

Incidents Raise Suspicions on Motive: Killing of Journalists by US Forces a Growing Problem

By Dave Lindorff, ThisCantbehappening! During the Vietnam War, which US forces fought from 1960 through 1974, and which cost the lives of several million Southeast Asians and 58,000 Americans, eight American journalists died. Not one of them was killed byREAD ON

The Climate Cliff and the Press

As World Bank Warns Globe Could be Cooked by 2060, Media Yawns by DAVE LINDORFF Run a google search of “World Bank” and “climate change” and you’ll discover that this month the World Bank released a major study predicting aREAD ON

Lincoln compromised? A provocative article by Lynn Parramore

By Lynn Stuart Parramore / AlterNet An Inconvenient Truth About Lincoln (That You Won’t Hear from Hollywood) The president was a complicated man whose advocacy of railroads birthed a network of monopolies. Photo Credit: Over this Thanksgiving week, youREAD ON

Egypt erupts after presidential power grab

We hope that out of these semi-spontaneous struggles the people of Egypt will eventually throw off the yoke of the native bourgeoisie and other local elites associated with international imperialism. Not to mention the deadweight of fanatical backward religiosity. ForREAD ON


This is how insidious systemic propaganda operates. Hiding its hideous face behind the visage of angels. Using people who, in their misguided but honest support for what they regard as noble causes, end up serving the goals of a monstrousREAD ON