Day: November 25, 2012

Egypt’s Morsi: Biting the bullet / Take #1

Eric Walberg At last Egyptian politics is moving. President Mohamed Morsi is slowly building on his summer ‘coup’, when he stared down Egypt’s generals and put his men in the top army and defence positions, following terrorist attacks in Sinai which the army, so old and bumbling, so involved in Egyptian internal politics, failed to prevent. Share This:

Meet the Bi-Partisan Group of Senators Pressuring Obama to Speed Up Destruction of the Planet

This list is normative—meaning every one of the Senators included in this roster of crooks and malefactors is only an iota “worse” than the rest of their confreres in the US Congress. In fact the entire top layer of the US government today, very much in the pockets of the plutocracy, is a thoroughly antisocial and anti-ecological organism, a cynicalContinue reading