A perverse (but very American) riddle

Our friend Woody NinetyNiner Konopak is quite flummoxed. He explains:

Democrats: Idiots or frauds? Maybe both.

I regularly experience a phenomenon that I do NOT understand: People on the “left” showing, explaining, demonstrating HOW the GOPhux can ‘return to relevancy,” and “rescue its reputation,” and I wonder: WHAT THE FUCK?

Why do Democrats and other opponents of the reactionary, theo-fascist GOPhux care if the Greedy, Oleaginous Perverts “fix” their party? Isn’t a BROKEN GOP better both for the “left” and for the “people?” Isn’t a “broken” GOP exactly what the DIMS, and progs, and rads, and Libs should wish for?

Why do they proffer nostrums and solutions to “bring back,” or repair, the GOP?

It seems to me that any true partisan of the DIMS would applaud EVERY and ANY faux pas, every gaffe, every stupidity, imbecility, and idiocy that the worst minds on the Right could dream up–every lie, every equivocation, every weasel–and ENCOURAGE ’em to continue; would DARE ’em to surpass themselves.

Can somebody ‘splain this to me?

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One thought on “A perverse (but very American) riddle

  1. How could someone who thinks the bankers should not have been bailed out, that SOMEONE ANYONE should have gone to jail over the collapse of the WORLD economy, suggest that the Icelanders’ response to the collapse is IN NO WAY COMPARABLE to ANY OTHER COUNTRY ANYWHERE based on some lousy and unrelated demographic information? Our Dr. Woody here is suggesting just that on his Facebook profile, and then he cowardly blocked me for questioning him on it.

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