Day: November 26, 2012

The animal populations stage a comeback—something to celebrate?

Well, not entirely, if you listen carefully to CBS, which ends up giving this recovery only 2-1/2 cheers. The Fast Draw: Pros and cons of growing animal population This is a well done overview, inevitably oversimplified, of our tyrannical relationshipREAD ON

The UK’s NHS stifled bit by bit—can a socialist island survive in a toxic capitalist sea?

Massive job losses in UK’s National Health Service By Robert Stevens, wsws,org Editors’ Note: It’s clear the British capitalists and their willful minions like the scummy Tony Blair are doing their best to make “socialism”—in this case the revered NationalREAD ON

OpEds: The way forward in Egypt / Take #2

Johannes Stern, The Constitutional Decree of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi—by which Mursi claims all legislative, constitutional, executive and judicial powers—poses basic questions of political perspective before the working class. The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) president declared last week that heREAD ON