Woody’s brickbats (#2,307,509): Top execs meeting with Obama and other frauds

Expect nothing department.
Just mere theater
, to maintain the pretense they’re “working” to seek a solution.

Our good Dr. Woody NinetyNiner Konopak reminds us that—
This is the list of the CEOs with whom O’Barry will meet today to discuss the final solution to the labor problem, “fiscal cliff” and other huge issues created precisely by the people O’Barry is consulting with.

* Frank Blake, Chairman and CEO, Home Depot Inc
* Lloyd Blankfein, Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs
* Joe Echevarria, CEO, Deloitte LLP
* Kenneth Frazier, CEO, Merck & Co.
* Muhtar Kent, CEO, Coca-Cola Co
* Terry Lundgren, CEO, Macy’s Inc
* Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo Inc
* Doug Oberhelman, CEO, Caterpillar Inc
* Ian Read, CEO, Pfizer Inc
* Brian Roberts, CEO, Comcast Corp
* Ed Rust, CEO, State Farm
* Arne Sorenson, CEO, Marriott International Inc
* Randall Stephenson, Chairman and CEO, AT&T Inc
* Patricia Woertz, CEO, Archer Daniels Midland Co”

There is not a SINGLE person on that list who is forthrightly committed to fair wages. Not one is an advocate of Universal Health Care. Not one supports equal pay for equal work. Half of them are union-busting fucking scabs.


Here Are The CEOs Meeting Obama Today In Washington To Discuss The Fiscal Cliff
Finance, tech, and industrial firms represented.
Woody Warnz:
It’s ALL “kabuki,” my friends.
Sir Barry is working the crowd, doing ‘schtick,” trying to make it look like, to make you drones, plebs and proles believe that the draconian cuts he envisions for the “entitlements” of the “lower” orders are the price he “must” pay to extract miniscule tax concessions from the wealthy:

“”In this, President Obama is taking a leading role. His primary concern is to make the slashing of social programs that keep millions out of poverty seem necessary, while providing this reactionary attack with a fig leaf of “fairness.”

The metric I recall, and which I’ve never heard revised, is there will be THREE dollars in CUTS in social spending for every DOLLAR in increased revenue enhancement from taxes.

While you’re bitching, remember: You gave him the “mandate” with which he’s gonna butt-fuck you!
    The “fiscal cliff” fraud
Using the pretext of the “fiscal cliff,” the American ruling class is preparing an unprecedented attack..

AND finally, THE BONUS, the logical conclusion of the above:

Here’s some cheery news!
Senate Dims are “divided” on whether and how much to fuck us!
Some think only a little, others think a lot.
NOBODY, apparently, thinks they shouldn’t fuck us at all.

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