Dec 012012

“He’s had four years and proved himself to be a Wall Street President!”

This interview with Dr. Cornel West was conducted following the Oxford Union Debate on November 22nd 2012.

SR: Why are you here speaking in favour of the Occupy Wall Street movement?

CW: The Occupy movement being the major public response to a 30 year class war against poor and working people, not just in the American Empire but around the world, that to have this space – this space has of course been consecrated by the Malcolm X’s of the world, the Desmond Tutus, and so many others who have come through here – it has a certain visibility, an international form, and so I figured it would be right. Continue reading »

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Dec 012012

Paternalism and Ass-Covering in Spielberg’s “Lincoln”

Black infantrymen in the Civil War. What would they have said about the Spielberg/Kushner version of events?  (Company E, 4th USCT)

Which film about the abolition of slavery was intended to burnish the reputation of a contemporary President? If you answered that it was Spielberg’s lavishly praised “Lincoln”, you were right. When asked in a November 15th NPR interview whether he saw parallels with the Obama administration, screenwriter Tony Kushner replied:

“I think Obama is a great president and I feel that there is immense potential now for building – rebuilding a real progressive democracy in this country after a great deal of damage has been done to it. And I think that it faces many obstacles, and one of its obstacles is an impatience on the part of very good, very progressive people, with the kind of compromising that you were just mentioning, the kind of horse trading that is necessary.” Continue reading »

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