With full media support Obama’s regime threatens Syria

What’s the ugliest part of this exercise in imperial arrogance? The jawdropping triple-deck hypocrisy? The revoltingly smug priggishness that Obama, Clinton and their underlings exude as they continue to pontificate as if they were the guarantors of world morality instead of their most shameless violators? It’s clear the US ruling clique is out to take over the Mideast by one ruse or another.  They won’t let the genuine freedom tremors of the Arab Spring get out of hand or allow true self-determination for these nominally sovereign nations.

The criminals in power —and by that I mean the entire American political establishment, not just the incumbents—followed the well-established regime change rules in Libya (a book that the battalions of ignoramuses, imbeciles and cowards that populate the complicit American media apparently never read or prefer to ignore. Career first, you know. Take care of numero uno).

The assault on Iraq was carried out under already admitted false pretenses. Iraq had no WMDs and the US intel agencies knew it. Libya was marketed on some feigned concern for the fate of the Libyan people, a concern so transparently false that NO ONE who understands US foreign policy, and retains an ounce of decency, could consider without blushing in disgust. Now it’s Syria’s turn, whose fate is tied to the fate reserved for the Palestinians and the Iranians in this doomed region, hence the continued focus on Assad’s putative “crimes”, now ratcheted upwards to the possible use of “chemical weapons,” a last effort to justify the naked  injection of massive US military power to complete the dirty job their murderous and reactionary shills haven’t been able to accomplish.

—Sean Lenihan


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