Ted Nugent’s State of Disunion

Editor’s Note: As one who has been following the antics of this depraved, racist piece of cowardly scum for decades, I can vouch that anyone involved with him or supporting his bullcrap has no excuse in view of the information readily available. Only fitting that in Texasland he would find plenty of supporters. For a more accurate portrait of Ted Nugent, see this.—PG

Wango Tango on the Hill
Ted Nugent’s State of Disunion

Quien es más scumbag? A difficult question given the contenders. Flamboyant rocker and bowhunter Ted Nugent and Perry—we'd like to think it can't get worse than that, but in this country it probably does.
Quien es más scumbag? A difficult question given the contenders. Flamboyant wingnut rocker and bowhunter Ted Nugent and Rick Perry—we’d like to think it can’t get worse than that, but in this country it probably does.—Eds

Ted Nugent is slated to make a live appearance tonight at the State of the Union speech, arriving as a guest of his Congressman, Steve Stockman, who recently announced he was pursuing impeachment of the President. Presuming Ted shows, and presuming the Secret Service lets him in despite Ted’s avowal that he’ll be 20 pounds lighter from leaving his guns at home, how many other people in the room do you figure:

1) Are currently on federal probation (stemming from a 2012 plea agreement for illegal hunting)?

2) Have been vetted by the Secret Service after making open threats against the life of the President who is giving the speech?

3) Have been accused–without refutation–by Courtney Love of having sex with her when she was 12 years old? (Nugent, by the way, would have been 28.)

4) Openly proclaim not only that the Southern traitors should have won the Civil War but that the only “real Americans” are “working hard, playing hard, white motherfucking shit kickers” ?

This is to say nothing of Nugent’s other bigoted sexist, racist and homicidal pronouncements which will, it apparently goes almost without saying, be shared by a significant number of attendees. (In 2007, Nugent was the final act at Texas Governor Rick Perry’s black tie inaugural ball. Nugent ignored the dress code, appearing in a cutoff Confederate flag T-shirt while shouting out racial insults at the Spanish-speaking help. Gov. Perry, previously known rock-wise for frequently hosting actor Russell Crowe’s stunningly mediocre band 30 Odd Feet of Grunts, defended Nugent afterward.)

Nugent’s appearance is even more odd given that he proclaimed during the election that if Obama was re-elected he’d be “either dead or in jail.” Or maybe it’s his ghost who’ll fill the seat?

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One thought on “Ted Nugent’s State of Disunion

  1. These prime products, should only be called “The buzzards of Texas” and are hard to top, even at Fox News, for vile, anti-American rants. What angers me is that the media darlings charming chuckle while Ted spews out hatred that is the Texan equivalent to a rant by Hitler. Perry is a tribute to the Texas education acuity (trust me, I unfortunately taught there for 16 years and education and Texas shouldn’t be in the same sentence). His painful, although darkly humorous, attempts at debate will regale similar election events for decades to come. Ted is an all together vicious matter. His obvious personality disorders only partly explain his savage disregard for anyone other than his beer drinkin’, gun bristling buddies. Society must endure such fools, but Ted, circus clown he is, can influence those treading the line between hatred and violence. Pierce Morgan endures his cat calls, put downs and taunts with an amazing restraint. I’ve seen him barbeque guests of a liberal persuasion with heated rhetoric, but
    no matter how scary the white robed philosophy coming out of Ted, there is never a retort to reason from Pierce. Makes one wonder why?

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