Radio program today to address role of Gladio project and other agents provocateurs in Ukraine’s revolt

The ubiquitous warmonger John McCain giving "moral support" to the Ukraine rebels. Don;t ask him to support Occupy Wall Street.

The ubiquitous warmonger John McCain giving “moral support” to the Ukraine rebels. Don’t ask him to support Occupy Wall Street. 

We have received the following alert from Rick Staggenborg, Founder and President at Take Back America for the PeopleFounder at Soldiers For Peace International and Volunteer at Freeing Humanity

  • Mysteriously, I have been unable to record a show for SFPI Radio about the Ukraine in two attempts. At the risk of sounding paranoid, I have to ask why I have had these unique problems on both attempts while being able to record shows on other subjects.

They say three is a charm, so we are determined to discuss what is going on and the facts behind it, from the post-WW II Gladio project to the astonishing role of Zionist extremists in helping to put neo-Nazis in power on the doorstep of Europe and Russia.

We will provide explanations for these and any other questions callers may ask on Saturday, March 15 at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST when my guest will be former NSA linguistics analyst Scott Rickard.

Please share this link widely. Only the truth will set us free. We must bypass the corporate media by exposing its lies.

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