Poles join the Novorossiya militia in large numbers

polesPassportPoles join the Novorossiya militia in large numbers photo © РИА Новости. Павел Паламарчук

Ukrainian border guards detained a group of young Poles intending to join the forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Those detained are members of the Falanga organization and call themselves Polish Eurasians. (See Appendix)

Falanga leader Bartosz Becker confirmed the detainment. He said that he and his associates were given a three-year ban on entering Ukraine.  © Фото: liveinternet.ru

Falanga supports “an independent Poland in the continental security system.” 

“The European and Eurasian blocs need to cooperate closely for the common good, and for that we need to do away with the American influence, which all over the world is a precursor of bloody conflicts such as those in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine,” Becker said earlier. 

It was reported earlier that over 1,500 international volunteers from France, Serbia, Spain, Germany, Poland, Israel and Great Britain are fighting alongside the Donbas self-defense forces. 

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Below we reproduce Falanga’s proclamation of purpose, which appears on the organization’s site at http://www.falanga.org.pl/, as well as demonstrations held in Warsaw to protest Poland’s support for the NATO/Kiev regime.

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We demand independence!

On 11th November in Kraków members and supporters of Falanga and Xportal.pl, representatives of other radical political organizations (both “Right” and “Left-Wing” ) arrived at the American consulate on Stolarska street starting the manifestation “On Independence Day We Demand Independence!”. Among many national and organizational flags stood out banners with slogans “Stop NATO” and “No wars for Israel – resistance continues” surrounded by flags of movements and nations fighting for their independence and hated by globalists: Syria, Hezbollah, Venezuela and flags used by independence movement in Novorossia. Nearly one hundred participants heard the main idea of the demonstration: not a struggle against nonexistent “communism” or “fascism” but loud, clear and joint objection to problems of our times: liberalism, capitalism and American imperialism. Today, because of present situation of Polish state: economical dependency, colonization by foreign capital, selling out national assets, americanization of culture and lack of political sovereignty, we cannot be content with “soft” mainstream patriotism, but we need once again to fight for regaining independence in all possible aspects.


After the speeches were started, the participants lit torches and flags of NATO and European Union flew on the ground. The street echoed with shouts “National and social revolution”, “No NATO, no wars – we want peace”, USA – evil empire”, „Polish industry in Polish hands – Work in Poland for the Poles” “Neither EU, nor NATO – Poland only for the Poles”, “We demand independence”. After recalling the crimes of liberal, neocolonial system against Polish nation – now affected with demographical destruction and with foundations of it’s identity threatened, the flags of Euro-Atlantic oppressors of Poland were burned.

After a change of formation, the participants chanting “Strong state – great Fatherland!” went along the streets to the place where neoconservative pseudo-patriots were celebrating the fact that one of their leaders – journalist Tomasz Sakiewicz – has been given a medal by Ukrainian Security Service. The national revolutionaries immediately started their protest, effectively silencing the cultists of Smolensk plane crash. Slogans like “We remember Volhynia” “We’ll not let banderists live” “Stepan Bandera – Hitler’s puppet” “With hammer and sword strike the NATO scum” “You don’t have monopoly for patriotism”, “Think like Poles, not like Yankees”.

As expected the pro-American mob shouted something about “servants of Russia” and “provocations of Putin’s green men”. They also tried to present their political sabbath as a “patriotic celebration” and histerically asked the national revolutionaries “who do you support?!”. The simple answer came immediately: “Assad – Chavez- Lukashenko!” Seeing the surprising development, the pseudo-patriots swiftly left the stage, and their dumbfounded followers were urged to leave the streets with our shouts “Polish youth will judge you!” and “Poland is us, not Kaczynski and his dogs!”.

When the last supporters of atlantism dispersed, we have finished our manifestation once again proving, that radicalism and effective actions spring from setting proper goals and having well-disciplined activists.

On behalf of Falanga and Xportal.pl we want to thank all organizations and individuals who took part in our manifestation, and we encourage them to continue this cooperation.


Demonstrators in Warsaw protest sending Polish soldiers to Ukraine
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Demonstrators in Warsaw protest sending Polish soldiers to Ukraine (photo © РИА Новости. Михаил Воскресенский)

Demonstrators outside the Polish Parliament in Warsaw expressed their opposition to the war in Donbas and Warsaw’s support of Ukrainian nationalists.

Jacek Mendrzycki, the leader of the ‘Great Polish Camp’ movement, who organized the event, said the demonstration was held as part of the No War with Russia initiative.

«Polish authorities have used their control of the media to spread anti-Russian propaganda. They shamelessly support the junta in Kyiv, which draws on Bandera’s ideology,” he said.   Several dozen protesters waived the flags of Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics and held slogans reading No Polish Involvement in NATO’s Military Operation in Ukraine, Stop Bandera, No Support for Banderovites. We Remember Volhynia    Поляки против участия в украинском конфликте

The activists are against Poland’s decision to take part in the joint military brigade of Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine and Warsaw’s policy that promote the creation of a European military brigade.  This is not the first such action in Poland. In September, protesters demanded a stop to the military operation in eastern Ukraine and demanded an investigation into the Malaysian airliner crash and the tragedy at the Odessa’s House of the Unions.   Polish authorities previously announced their willingness to deliver weapons to Kyiv if Ukrainian authorities requested it.
Читать далее: http://en.ukraina.ru/news/20141005/1010715958.html


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