An open letter to my Chinese friends

With Jeff J. Brown


A deliciously funny send-up of Jack Ma, leading a revolutionary march. The red flags portray his various companies or their logos: Taobao, T-Mall, Alibaba and Alipay. I use them all every week to buy and pay for things and services – even  taxis. If Jack is not anorexic, he sure plays the part. In real life, he and every other billionaires in China had better say a daily prayer to Baba Beijing, for rising to the pinnacles of their business empires. This excellent painting, with its communist party-esque flags, is harking much closer to the real truth, than meets the eye. (Image by

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.34.49 PMA Chinese friend of mine asked me on the China Rising Radio Sinoland Wechat group (see below), to comment on Jack Ma’s big splash at the Davos Conference this week, where he gave a 45-minute talk. He is the CEO of Alibaba. To learn more about China’s billionaires, here is an article I wrote for my monthly column on The Saker, called the Moscow-Beijing Express.

Here is the blunt reality of the situation:

The West’s owners organize Davos and the World Economic Conference (WEF). This is why Baba Beijing created its own Anti-Davos/WEF, with the now much sought after Boao Forum for Asia (BFA). Thus, Jack Ma was fraternizing with very powerful, ruthless psychopaths, who are obsessed with destroying everything that China has gained, since 1949, and bringing the Chinese people to their knees, in servitude to Western Empire.

Every single one of China’s billionaire set owes his allegiance to the Communist Party of China (CPC). Move on down the line to thousands of multi-millionaires. The CPC is the only reason they exist. The CPC shut out Western competition for years – decades even – not to mention favorable tax and tariff treatment – to give them a chance to grow and prosper into the world beating titans that they are today.

If any of China’s “one-percent” go to the Dark Side of Western racism, empire and colonialism, Baba Beijing will not hesitate to give them a humongous capital haircut and/or cut them off at the knees. The aspirations of the Chinese Dream would depend on it. In fact, it’s already starting. The local news is full of billionaires, multi-millionaires and CEOs, being called in for interrogation grillings, often absent for several days. China’s social media is abuzz as to what kind of charges they may face. For Chinese crooks who fled the country, Baba Beijing’s “Sky Net” police program has captured over 1,000 fugitives, one-percenters all, and returned them home, to face the long arm of communist justice. Sky Net also recovered ¥3 billion ($500 million) in ill gotten gains. [This story is scarcely if ever mentioned in the American media.]

How many Western business people and mega-rich are being questioned by their governments, had their assets seized, or are in criminal court? Please don’t trot out Bernie Madoff, that was eight years ago. The answer is near zero, unless you mean them or their corporations paying slap-on-the-wrist fines, without so much as having to apologize. Where is Mao Zedong, when you need him? Actually here in Sinoland, President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and their administration are filling the breech nicely, risking everything internally, to get rid of government and financial corruption at every level. After all, they often collude together, in mutual greed.

The CPC will never allow another Century of Humiliation (1839-1949) and in order for the Chinese people to stay free, independent, determine their own destiny and benefit directly from their labor and natural resources, they had better hope that the CPC stays in power, under the democratic dictatorship of the people. The first line of defense for the Chinese Dream not to be turned into a Western created, China House of Horrors, is communism’s democratic dictatorship of the people.

In any case, Western “democracy” and “corruption-free” government and business, have always been a hollow mirage, perpetrated by the one-percent, going back to Roman times. The only real democracy the West ever had, was a few brief decades of direct democracy, during the Greek Era. After Greece went to representative democracy, Plato, Aristole, Socrates and every other notable writer/philosopher of the age complained bitterly about the corrupting influence of money among their legislatures, leaders and the downward spiral into power being concentrated into fewer and fewer hands.

Since then, from the Roman Senate up to today’s Western “free” elections, it is nothing but a Potemkin fiction, thoroughly corrupt, controlled and manipulated by the owners of the system, who lord over almost all of the human and natural resources in their dominion. China, Russia, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, North Korea and Eritrea make up the short list of countries not under Western tyranny. Just a month ago, Venezuela and Argentina were members of this august group. No more (see below).

“The first line of defense for the Chinese Dream not to be turned into a Western created, China House of Horrors, is communism’s democratic dictatorship of the people.”

Many Chinese, especially the more educated and wealthy, sincerely believe that the West’s ersatz “pluralistic”, “republican”, parliamentarian”, “no corruption” democracies are what the People’s Republic of China should aspire to. They are frighteningly deluded and must imperatively disabuse themselves of this fantasy, for the sake of China’s survival, as a free country. (They operate almost under the same obtuse fantasy the Soviet intelligentsia and Western-enamoured privileged sectors did prior to the overthrow of communism in that nation.] They are almost always surprised when I say that the Communist Party of China is the best thing to ever to happen to them, otherwise, here is exactly what would happen:

“Complacency is the cancer of all high ideals.”

If Western colonialists ever get their fangs into China’s economic and political systems, the proud, free Chinese nation will be turned into a huge, balkanized hellhole. Think a gigantic Philippines or Indonesia – both of which are Western lackeys. Also imagine factional warlords tearing China apart, like in Russia in the 90s, and today, the Ukraine, Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and now Yemen. The CIA, MI6, DGSE, BND and every other Western spy unit would be crawling all over China. The CIA’s heroin empire, which it controls in the Golden Triangle of Burma, Thailand and Laos (also in Afghanistan and its cocaine/marijuana empire in Latin America), would flood the cities and villages of China with hard drugs. In a country as big as China, its new Western masters would be pulling off a false flag terror act almost daily: snipers, bombs and public slaughter. The West’s proxy armies, ISIS and Al-Qaeda, would be terrorizing Chinese citizens, taking over cities and towns, while massacring thousands. Hundreds of Western financed and managed, so-called “NGOs”, would be ready to trigger color revolutions, wherever the Chinese people stood up to revolt against Western tyranny.

It’s the “Prescription for Enslavement”, brought to you by 21st century Racism, Empire and Colonialism, with their deep states, banks, transnational corporations, intel assets and military complex.

Just look at what has happened recently in Venezuela and Argentina, where “Western democracy” has ushered in new, extreme rightwing, proto-fascist governments. They immediately started destroying and dismantling decades of socialist improvement in the lives of the poor, children, working class, elderly and farmers: low income housing, universal medical care, free education for all, infrastructure improvements in usually ignored areas of the country, etc. If given the opportunity, these new governments will quit borrowing money from China under favorable terms, for national development. They will instead sell their souls for usurious World Bank and IMF money, which they can never pay back, so these two Western financial vampires can move in and buy up all their public assets and commonwealth for pennies on the dollar. Both new Latin American presidents are sounding and acting like Augusto Pinochet, Chile’s former fascist dictator, whose government exterminated tens of thousands of Chilean citizens. Is this what my Chinese friends really want? Their only protection against this dystopian nightmare is the CPC and its democratic dictatorship of the people. And China’s defensive backbone: the PLA.

As an aside, here is a heartfelt shot across the bow of all my Russian friends: when President Vladimir Putin is put out to political pastures, so to speak, are you going to allow your beloved country and civilization to be another Venezuela or Argentina? Or are you, as a people, going to come up with some sort of creative Russian democratic dictatorship of the people, one that may or may not be countenanced by the majority of your citizens, but has to be implemented as the vanguard against a repeat of the 1990s? I don’t think Venezuelan and Argentine non-one percenters ever thought that what is happening in their proud countries, could come nightmarishly true. President Putin has some of the highest poll ratings among world leaders, but they will not be worth spit, if the CIA, Department of State and Russian oligarchs move in later for the kill. Complacency is the cancer of all high ideals.

Notice that China has hundreds of billions of dollars of investments in all these aforementioned, destroyed countries. It is no coincidence that the West has and continues to target countries where Baba Beijing is successful, in order to frustrate China’s peaceful ambitions and development projects overseas, such as the “Belts and Roads/New Silk Roads”.

I write about all this extensively in my two upcoming books, “China Rising – Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations” and “China Is Communist, Dammit!”.

In other words, my dear Chinese friends, the West, with its 21st century racism, imperialism, colonialism, fascism and war, is your mortal enemy, out to destroy your hard fought, post liberation freedoms and Chinese Dream. If you desire, enjoy the West’s commercial, entertainment propaganda – the movies, music and advertising. But keep your head screwed on straight and your eyes on the prize, which is China’s independence and freedom from Western hegemony.

To that end, quit brainwashing yourselves, using Western mainstream media, like BBC, PBS, MSNBC, Fox, the New York Times, Washington Post – even supposedly “liberal” sites like the Guardian UK, Huffington Post – and on and on. They are all like swallowing “ignorance” pills. If you don’t believe me, just talk to people who live in Eurangloland. It’s sad, but true, the hypnotic, drug-like power of the West’s Bernaysian, commercial propaganda. It’s like smoking methamphetamine or crack cocaine: one hit can be the start of total ruination.

I use the following websites to find out what’s really going on, behind the Great Western Firewall, and I strongly encourage you to do the same, by making them your “favorites”, to check out all the news:

RT.COMAward winning world news, already surpassing MSNBC and Fox, incredibly popular.
TELESUR TVGreat news and programs on Latin America and the West in that region.
PRESS TVExcellent world news, with an emphasis on the Middle East.
THE GREANVILLE POSTHuge aggregator site of excellent news and commentary, including its own panel of writer-editors (note: I am one of them).
THE SAKERThe place to go for news on Russia, the Ukraine, Europe and around the world. I write a monthly column.

In China:, this is the international newspaper for the CPC, English verision., another CPC newspaper, with different news/angles, columns, editorials, political cartoons, etc., I live in China. It may have a paywall overseas.

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About Jeff J Brown

jeffBusyatDesktopJeff J. Brown is a renowned China expert and geopolitical analyst residing in Beijing. China Rising, Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations, is his latest work, scheduled for publication by Punto Press Publishing in the Spring of 2016. Jeff is also the author of 44 Days  (2013), Reflections in Sinoland – Musings and Anecdotes from the Belly of the New Century Beast (summer 2015), and Doctor WriteRead’s Treasure Trove to Great English (2015).  He is currently writing an historical fiction, Red Letters – The Diaries of Xi Jinping, due out later in 2016. Jeff is commissioned to write monthly dispatches for The Saker  and The Greanville Post, touching on all things China, and the international political & cultural scene.

Besides these activities, Jeff Brown is a member of The Anthill, a collective of authors who write about China, and also submits articles on Oped News and Firedog Lake. His articles have been published by Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Unz, Alternative News Network and many other websites. He has also been a guest on Press TV, Truth Jihad, Daily Coin, Shadow of Truth, Wall St. for Main St. and KFCF Radio 88.1 in Fresno, California.

His podcasts and interviews can be found on 44 Days Radio Sinoland and heard at SoundCloud, Stitcher Radio and iTunes.

In China, he has been a speaker at TEDx, the Bookworm Literary Festival, the Capital M Literary Festival, the Hutong, as well as being featured in an 18-part series of interviews on Radio Beijing AM774, with former BBC journalist, Bruce Connolly. He has guest lectured at international schools in Beijing and Tianjin.

Jeff grew up in the heartland of the United States, Oklahoma, and graduated from Oklahoma State University. He went to Brazil while in graduate school at Purdue University, to seek his fortune, which whet his appetite for traveling the globe. This helped inspire him to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tunisia in 1980 and he lived and worked in Africa, the Middle East, China and Europe for the next 21 years. All the while, he mastered Portuguese, Arabic, French and Mandarin, while traveling to over 85 countries. He then returned to America for nine years, whereupon he moved back to China in 2010. He currently lives in Beijing with his wife, where he writes, while being a school teacher in an international school. Jeff is a dual national French-American.

Jeff can be reached at 44 Days,, Facebook, Twitter and Wechat/Whatsapp: +86-18618144837

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