US Soldiers Pose For Regrettable Photograph — This Time on Russia’s Border

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By RI Staff

 They never learn.

Sat, Feb 11, 2017

American soldiers love to flaunt their stuff. Whether they’re posing next to a pyramid made of naked detainees, or just hanging out with their favorite Waffen SS flag, everyone knows that wherever U.S. soldiers go, embarrassing photographs are sure to follow.

And now that U.S. soldiers are congregating on Russia’s borders, it was just a matter of time before they took a picture of themselves doing something regrettable. Well, here they are, enjoying Estonia’s border with Russia, just like the brainwashed meatheads that came before them:

Just like old times!

Just like old times!

The Russian fortress they’re standing behind is Ivangorod. The medieval castle was used by the Nazis during World War II as a POW camp. It’s still Russian territory. Even after all these years and bloody wars.

What can one say about this photograph?

On the one hand, these American soldiers are probably too stupid to know why taking this photograph was such a bad idea. There’s no “on the other hand”.

They never learn, do they?

‘NATO exercises on Russia border part of US buildup of empire ‘

'NATO exercises on Russia border part of US buildup of empire '
Polish and U.S. soldiers attend the inauguration ceremony of bilateral military training between U.S. and Polish troops in Zagan, Poland, January 30, 2017. © Kacper Pempel / Reuters

This is also the first time US troops will have been stationed right on Russia’s borders. It is a great concern and is part of the US buildup of empire, says Elsa Rassbach, German affiliate of War Resisters International, Code Pink.

NATO’s anti-Russia exercises are being ratcheted up with Germany announcing it would deploy tanks to Lithuania.

Earlier this week, joint US-Polish military training with 3,500 American troops kicked off in Poland.

The German command said it was sending about 200 military vehicles, including 30 tanks and 450 troops. The movement of forces, which started on Tuesday, will continue until late February, it said.

RT: Approximately 3,500 American troops have been deployed to Poland marking the first time since World War II the US has sent soldiers there in such numbers. Why such a strong presence on Russia’s borders?

Elsa Rassbach: This is also the first time US troops will have been stationed right on Russia’s borders. It is a great concern. The reason given by NATO and many Western politicians is that they claim Russia has aggressive intentions; they cite the conflict in Ukraine; they cite Crimea, and they say the states, such as Poland and the Baltic countries are concerned about Russian aggression. They want to show that Russia would not be able to succeed with such aggression, if Russia tried to do so.

I haven’t personally seen any evidence that there has actually been an attempt by Russia, or even any plan by Russia to invade any of those states. I see this more as part of the US buildup of empire and trying to become the only force in the world that can tell all other countries what to do. That is how I see what is happening.

RT: NATO says the campaign is aimed at deterring Russian aggression in Eastern Europe. What aggression are they talking about by deploying troops in Lithuania or Poland?

ER: As I said, I don’t think there has been any evidence of aggression directed to those countries. When they cite Ukraine – that is a complex situation, where the EU proposed a trade agreement – this was in line with perhaps what some Ukrainians perceived as their interest, but not others. Many in Ukraine traded with Russia, and so forth. That resulted ultimately in what many have called a coup d’état against the Ukrainian government.

Since then Ukraine has been in a state of conflict within itself, between many of the Russian-speaking population in the East and others. It was also with Crimea, there really was a vote, where the majority of people wanted then to join with Russia again, where they had been for a long time until a few decades ago. I don’t see that the resolution of those conflicts, or any of these conflicts, can be achieved by the rattling of sabers, which is how the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier characterized this kind of military exercise last summer. He was very concerned about it, and now they are increasing the level of military exercises. It is a huge exercise unprecedented since the end of the Cold War.

RT: Jens Stoltenberg said on Tuesday that one has to talk with Russia from a position of strength. How productive is that?

ER: Well, unfortunately, I think this may also be a position that President Trump is following. Although he said during the election campaigns that his approach would be dialogue, he has on Friday signed an executive order for a huge US military buildup. That order starts with the sentence: “The policy of the US is to pursue peace through strength.”

Also, the Defense Secretary that Trump chose, James Mattis, and his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson both supported NATO in their confirmation hearings in the US Senate. So I would like to see President Trump take the lead here if he really wants to pursue negotiations with Russia and reduce this kind of military activity – it is not helpful.

RT: Stoltenberg also said: “We don’t want confrontation [with Russia]; we don’t want a new Cold War.” Is that the impression you have when you take a look at NATO promo videos from on the ground?

ER: No, that is not the impression at all. I am old enough to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis when the US government was appalled that there were missiles stationed in Cuba. I can’t imagine what most of us in the US would think if there were military exercises, say of Russia and China on the border between Mexico and Texas, on this scale. Of course, it appears aggressive to people in Russia, and it is not the way to peace. The way to peace is negotiation and to include Russia in the security plans for Europe, not to make those plans against Russia, but with Russia.

RT: What impact do these war games and rotational deployments have on the security situation in Europe?

ER: Well, I think they have a very negative impact in particular actually in those countries that are nearer to the Russian border. Any error, many things could happen that could lead out of these exercises to a real conflict. But the security of all of Europe is threatened, and this is one reason why so many people in Germany are hopeful that there will be peace made with Russia and are very fearful that a war could develop out these kinds of exercises, which seems to indicate a willingness to go to war by the US and NATO, unfortunately.


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One thought on “US Soldiers Pose For Regrettable Photograph — This Time on Russia’s Border


    Do they realise they are nothing but cannon fodder, for people that would just as well spit on them as greet them?
    When these poor fools return home, legless arm-less, with the charges of war criminals hanging over their heads, they´ll only have themselves to blame.

    John C Carleton Otto310
    Wife and i saw a young man one day, he was getting set to be discharged. He was in a wheel chair, and would be the rest of his life. Had a US flag fixed to one handle, a Marine flag on the other. Looked at that and told the wife, thats all he has left, and neither one gives a sh#t about him.

    Sam.D John C Carleton •
    That’s always been the case with humans. From before WWI and before. What is unique is the fact USA has always been at war but their public never seem to learn. Constant warfare and yet a huge chunk of their public are as dumb as a brick. Another is poor but I have zero sympathy for people who are willing to murder others for a paycheck,

    Will Sam.D •
    The main problem with American understanding is that history isn’t taught in public schools, and that the CIA controls the mass-media. Many of us Americans have been brainwashed. It’s done scientifically and it works. We as a culture, have no heart because of the public schools, and alphabet media leading our way of thinking. It’s sick, but how would you get rid of the CIA? They will simply murder anyone who is a threat to them. They work for the globalist elites and believe (they may be correct) that they are untouchable. They murdered the last pres who came against them, in broad daylight in front of television cameras, and have left every president in fear and awe since, until we elected Trump. In order to survive long enough to do good for the nation, he may have to cooperate with them even though we know it’s wrong. It seems that the world government, currency, forced religion scheme that signals the end of this age according to the Bible, may be at hand. I just didn’t want to go just yet.

    Will –> Bull Winkle •
    What a great mind you’ve got Bull Poachies. There is a CIA agent in every statehouse. The fake news are CIA operatives. They are not “the law”. They are so far beyond the law, they do what they want. The FBI has a few at the top that are compromised, but most of the agents are professional law men.

    You are either intentionally stupid, brainwashed by the fake (CIA controlled) news, or a gov’t disinformation agent. I don’t know which, and it doesn’t matter as all three are equally dangerous.

    Reading “NOBODY hates the CIA unless they have been programmed to believe that America is evil and our system needs to be changed to the form of police state they subscribe to.” Leads one to believe You are a gov’t disinformation agent.

    Over the last two years, the CIA has demonstrated through the fake news that they are working to Destroy the U.S. I really respect the founders of this nation, hold the constitution as sacred and try to model my thinking around what I have read about George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. That is the kind of country I love. Soon the FBI agents will be turned loose on the criminals in WADC. and will make up for wasted time. That will help get this nation back on track to health. The work was started long ago but the globalist pigs in high bureaucratic positions and elected offices have forced them to ignore lawlessness in gov’t. Getting the crooked poli’s will be easy. Getting the CIA working only outside the U.S. again will be nearly impossible.

    KCH Sam.D •
    What do you call what ISIS is doing? Murdering g people for as little as $100 a week!!! Atleast we make a career out of….Shit…

    Isabella Jones——> KCH •
    Which is absolutely no excuse. “At least YOU make a career out of killing innocent and kids who are no threat to you and no harm, but Hey Bro, we make good money doing it so we are OK” that how it goes, is it?

    KCH —> Isabella Jones
    When I was in Iraq I heard many guys brag about killing people. I never did, I spent the majority of my time with my now ex gf who was in the same squade as me. So we kind of kept reminding eachother that we’re going home in less than a year and we kind of kept eachother straight I think..Most people join the military for the career opportunities, sadly, some still join because they are itching to kill people… Women…Children…Whoever. I think this is who you are talking about. For the most part, it was just a job…Ya know? Some guys lose their moral compass… I think that’s rare though.

    Isabella Jones—> KCH
    Do you know something? At the trials after WWII, that’s exactly what NAZI prison guards, soldiers, people accused of random killing of civilians, said. The truly did say “it was my job; I was only obeying orders” And it didn’t help them. Most got prison, many executed – by American judges. And they had no choice. They were forced at the barrel of a gun.

    But Americans who sign up are not. And making a career out of a job where you know you will be instructed to kill is wrong, period.

    You know something? I live in Ecuador just now, and my Honduran Hair dressers son, who is 17 yrs was born in the states. He wants to be an airline pilot, but the training is expensive. Many said to him – go back to the states and go in the AF – they train you to fly. and he replied “NO, they will want me to go kill people and I dont want to kill people. I’ll find another way”. So if a 17yr Latino boy can see this – why cant all of you?

    Slavonac—> Isabella Jones
    They’ve been fed Rambo and other thrash since birth, it has been implanted into them and is now a part of who they are. Thinking about it makes no sense as it is linked to Patriotism and protecting your country, and those are emotions one does not challenge…

    Robert Mcconnell—> Slavonac
    Ain’t that the truth!

    KCH——> Isabella Jones
    I know, I know.. I think more like you now. I think war is obscene. It’s horrible. It should be a LAST resort. It’s sad that the human race is still so primitive and goes to war over the smallest of issues. Iraq is bad because I still question to this day what the purpose was. The raids aka cordon and search missions were a joke. Guys were leaving with their weapons not even loaded because we ( I only participated in about 30 raids) would.maybe one gun in one out of every 20-30 houses. The Psy-ops who would be on scene first, never told us anything. …… But , I think you’re anger is a little displaced. Look, I don’t blame the government. We don’t speak the language, we don’t know the culture and only sometimes did we have a translator. The intel was bad… Someone was feeding us bullshit… I can’t tell you how many times I heard “I know where insurgents are ” .. then the next guy says the same thing. Who was feeding this bad Intel to us? There was one of two things happening, either the CIA really was implementing the failed “pay for Intel”, in other words the CIA was paying people for information that turned out no good 90% of the time!!!!! Or the government was the source of the bad intelligence and just wanted to terorize Iraqis…. I wanna know where they were getting this Intel!!!

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