Professor Stephen Cohen – the last voice of reason in a world gone mad?


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Professor Stephen Cohen is, in my opinion, the best Russia specialist in the USA.  He is also a wise, decent, honest and courageous man.  A friend sent me this video of him this morning (he begins at 1:38) and I can only agree with him.  We are, once again, looking at the very real possibility, or even probability, of a hot war between Russia and the USA.  As I write these words I ask myself whether I am exaggerating or not, and I come to the extremely depressing conclusion that no, I am not.  Things are really that bad.  Professor Cohen seems to have some hopes left for today’s  Tillerson visit to Moscow.  I sure hope that he is right.  The future of mankind might depend on the outcome of this visit and, alas, I have to say that I am not hopeful at all.  My best hope is that somebody in the Kremlin can convince Tillerson that Russia will fight.  That is all I personally can hope for even though I realize that even if Lavrov and/or Putin convince Tillerson, Tillerson might not be able to convince the crazies in DC.  God help us all!

—The Saker
Panel Discuss Putin: US Claims in Syria Same As WMD Mistake in Iraq. #Breaking

Panel Discuss Putin US Claims in Syria Same As WMD Mistake in Iraq. #Breaking from patrice greanville on Vimeo.


Why contributing to the Greanville Post is urgent and makes sense.



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uza2-zombienationWhat will it take to bring America to live according to its own self image?


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One thought on “Professor Stephen Cohen – the last voice of reason in a world gone mad?

  1. Amazing how the Colonel along with US officials and MSM say that 2003 WMD was false facts, but now they have the real evidence, and never mind that no one, especially impartial CW forensic investigators, have been to the site. Satellite video of planes dropping bombs proves nothing about the CW use and by whom? Everyone knows that opposition forces obtained CW from Libya (on Clinton’s transfer order) via Turkey; and that Syria’s only stock piles that were not confirmed removed were sites under US’
    little darlin rebel control, though the US was unwilling or unable to control their own proxies. Either the West is part of false flag, or they are very naive and gullible indeed.

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