Karmic Disaster:  Dead Meat as Gastronomic and Economic Sustenance

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“The U.S.A. is now ground zero for karmic disaster…”

Hindu scriptures teach that anyone who kills or causes harm to other sentient beings is in for a big dose of Bad Karma as a result.  The shit can hit the fan in this lifetime or in some future reincarnation, but it will happen.  Not that I personally subscribe to Hinduism or any other religion, but I do believe that there’s a large dose of merit in their world view.  A lot can be said for lifestyles which involve veganism and peaceful coexistence with our fellow beings.  Stray from the path, commit the crime, and you’ll eventually do the time.  Like the Hindus, we’ll define “sentient beings” as including (most) humans, all other creatures with eyes and mothers, and most importantly Mother Earth herself; for she’s borne the brunt of harm caused by her thoughtless, careless, greedy human children.

Dead meat is the fuel that powers Empire, and the resulting karmic disaster now bites all its citizens in the ass in oh so many ways.  We’ve been told since birth that we need to kill and consume cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, goats, rabbits, and/or squirrels, to maintain a necessary level of protein in our diets.  Whack ’em, gut ’em, skin ’em, cook ’em (optional), and eat ’em.  We’ve also been instructed to drink the milk meant for calves, in its many forms, and to ingest the embryos of large birds.  If you are a believer in the studies and lifework of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, or are even mildly observant, you understand that your morbidly obese friends and neighbors (or you) are dying prematurely from meat/dairy/egg-intensive diets, in ever-increasing numbers.  Heart/coronary artery disease, cancers, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and untold other karmic paybacks are their rewards for either directly killing animals or buying their dead flesh from Safeway’s meat case, and consuming it.  If Dr. Esselstyn is correct, by the time the average meat-consuming high school graduate in The U.S.A. accepts his diploma, coronary artery disease is already ravaging his body.

Dead meat is the fuel that powers Empire.  War is its business, and fast becoming its only business.  Bombs, bullets, missiles, rockets, warships, and warplanes are its preferred delivery methods.  Its young people are lured into the bloody, tangled web of death and destruction by slick-huckster, pseudo-patriotic, U.S. Military-glorifying advertising schemes.  The lucky do their time, emerging with bodies largely intact, suffering only a lifetime of residual mental anguish and PTSD, souls stolen away, brains scrambled, expressionless, and aimless, demented, self-doubting heroes to the masses who cheerlead Empire’s wars.  Warfare for profit drives the stock markets.  In my lifetime alone:  A few million dead Koreans, a few million dead Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, a few million dead Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, and Syrians, and the market values of Boeing, Exxon-Mobil, Raytheon, Halliburton, Monsanto, and Northrop Grumman soar.  Billionaires, corporate executives, bankers, and politicians rake in the blood money.  Combat boots leave their marks upon the faces of dead populations across the globe, as the looming shadow of Bad Karma darkens the land.

Dead meat is the fuel that powers Empire.  War is its business, and fast becoming its only business.  Bombs, bullets, missiles, rockets, warships, and warplanes are its preferred delivery methods.  Its young people are lured into the bloody, tangled web of death and destruction by slick-huckster, pseudo-patriotic, U.S. Military-glorifying advertising schemes.

Dead meat, the fuel that powers Empire, brings a tear to the eye of Mother Earth.  Mega-corporate meat-growing mass-execution operations grow sentient mammals and birds in immobile squalor, pumping them full of antibiotics and growth hormones, raping (force-breeding) them, stealing their progeny and milk, unceremoniously slaughtering them, and feeding them to the masses of sick, mindless, obese humans.  Filling the atmosphere with the stench of uncontained defecation and urination, and contributing more greenhouse gas emissions than all other sources combined.  Crops feeding death-row, USDA-inspected, four-legged or feathered prisoners consume more water in Empire than all other uses combined, both domestic and agricultural, not to mention the associated, indiscriminate use of toxic soil-killing herbicides and pesticides connected with corporate agriculture.

Dead meat.  Populations of third world countries cry out for food and drinking water, but receive bombs instead.  Citizens unfortunate enough to live in oil-rich lands yearn for basic needs, but find themselves to be testing grounds for Empire’s newest, state-of-the-art WMD’s.  But who needs rice when you can have depleted uranium?  Countries ravaged, war’s ultimate goal; death, destruction, chaos.  Dead meat litters broken countrysides.  Empire’s exceptional citizens stuff their fat faces full of dead meat.  They watch in awestruck approval the fireworks of death, in countries they can’t find on a map, on their favorite corporate “news” channels.  Meat; it’s what’s for dinner.  Meat; it’s what you become if you’re not in sync with Empire’s agenda.  Meat; it’s what all sentient beings are, in the eyes of those who push the buttons and pull Empire’s strings.  Resources to be harvested.  Meat.

The U.S.A. is now ground zero for karmic disaster.  A nation of zombies feeds on the flesh of dead animals, salutes, pledges allegiance to, and sings the patriotic songs of the Empire which spreads death and destruction worldwide.  Few have noticed Bad Karma nibbling away at their sorry asses.  Few have noticed the Fall of Empire in progress.  Their national borders are prison bars, their economy in shambles, their hopes and dreams gone.  When it comes to neighbors, love has been replaced by fear.  More firearms than humans populate the land.  Pawnshops and porn stores offer temporary solace from wretched lives of impending poverty and loveless relationships with despised partners.  Self-loathing zombies cover their bodies, head to toe, with senseless colorful graffiti, squalor of the skin, ill-conceived epidermal etchings.  Drug and alcohol addiction run rampant.  Hungry, homeless, hopeless people beg on every street corner, while others turn a blind eye.  The Police State grows like a malignant tumor across the land, but soulless faces buried in miniature electronics fail to pay heed.

It would be easy to end this sordid little piece on a hopeless note, for Empire’s apparent future appears to hold little in the way of hope.  If only there was someone who might have a chance of gaining enough power to turn things around, end constant warfare for profit, and bring a degree of sanity to The U.S.A. before Bad Karma brings the wrath of the rest of the world down upon us in a big and final way.  Someone who would have the huevos to run for and be elected POTUS, buck the power of The C.I.A., The U.S. Military, the neocon/neolib war consortium, and Wall Street.  A John F. Kennedy reincarnate.  Maybe a disillusioned combat veteran who’s also a beautiful, well-spoken, and fearless U.S. Congresswoman from Hawaii.  Someone who’s travelled to Syria (with Dennis Kucinich), spoken with President Assad, doubts that he was responsible for the sarin gassing of his people, and would be extremely hesitant to EVER AGAIN start another war.  How about a lifelong vegetarian Hindu?  President Tulsi Gabbard….hmmm.  We can only hope and dream.  Karmic disaster is imminent as our karmic debt comes due, but there may yet be time to bury Empire and save The U.S.A.  Hope springs eternal.

Tulsi during her fact-finding trip to Syria. Tulsi for president in 2020! Accept no substitutions.

Cover image: You Consume Their Terror, by Sue Coe, the world’s foremost political artist focusing on humanity’s tyranny over non-human creatures. 

About the Author
JOHN R. HALL, Senior Contributing Editor John R. Hall is a street-trained agnotologist with an advanced degree in American Ignorance. Other hats include: photojournalist, novelist, restaurateur, mountaineer, grocer, nurseryman, and janitor. He’s written three novels which have been read by almost nobody: ‘Embracing Darwin’, ‘Last Dance in Lubberland’, and ‘Atlas fumbled’. An untrained writer and college drop-out, he began his short career in journalism writing the ‘Excursion’ column for The Jackson Hole News & Guide. More recently he penned the ‘Left Column’ for The Molokai Island Times; appropriately on the island once known as a leper colony. John currently resides, writes, and protests injustice in the shadow of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and walks among the spirits of those who once occupied the 79 Disappeared Pueblos. Read more John Halls’s articles. 


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4 thoughts on “Karmic Disaster:  Dead Meat as Gastronomic and Economic Sustenance

  1. A ‘cri de coeur’ (a passionate outcry)

    The dollarcrats called actually the equestrian classes (I suppose because they are all horses’ asses) like to confuse the public by fake or unimportant news and it works. Moreover the fear of their own shadows keeps the populace in check: epidemics that will destroy humanity (disregarding the fouling of the atmosphere which is much more serious), threats from so-called adversary countries (who are far more interested in keeping their foothold against a US onslaught), influxes of unrecorded aliens (who keep all the service industries going) and so on. We live in a make-believe universe where the physical isolation of the US nation allows for a recidivist provincial (xeno)phobia, easily reinforced by Hollywood products. When it is not selling violence, it is extending its prejudices towards anybody not of Judeo-Christian ancestry. There is no country that is so isolated in thinking and devoid of reason. Not even the vile colonialism from Europe succeeded by ignorance at home but had to cope with a fierce resistance from within. Some stirring of a refusal existed in the 1960’s US but that was soon overtaken by the usual induced diversion of attention and demonstrations became festivals and protesters street theatre. The US is after all the country of Popeye the Sailor man and Donald Duck. It does not think but act and history is bunk as Henry Ford explained so that the internal stresses of its competitive and entirely materialist society are played out through attacks on a non-cooperating world. No mighty empire nation has ever equaled the unthinking violence that is necessary for dominance and been so outside civilization. The US is the technological marvel without a heart, much like all the extraterrestrial movie machines supposed to attack the earth. These have no history either, not even the myth of original squatters in colonialized lands.

    The extraordinary advancements and examples of power of the people of the US have been harvested and gathered under the aegis of hierarchies and thus dis-empowered to become servile to the idea that progress is only theirs and that there is no greater achievement of the human species than their present abode. It is true that many in the US profit from the high level of living standards compared to many nations, but it ignores the masses within who scramble for survival. To many outside the machine it appears like an enormous vacuum cleaner with the dollarcrats at the control and reinforced by its rolling brushes that devour all dirt and spitting it out on unwilling spectators. When will the electricity cord be disconnected ?

  2. And it has no sense to compare the US to the Third Reich nor its executive to that leader. The Third Reich was ‘ab initio’ the criminal endeavor to conquer Europe and prevent a Communist take-over. Initially helped by the Western Allies it would have succeeded but for the fact that it was too successful. But the US vacuum cleaner is there to suction all the natural and technological riches from places where it has no right to be hoovering, but it uses its overblown and obscene war potential to crush resistance. Its carpet bags are full to bursting and hopefully it cannot keep emptying the gathered dust onto other spaces of the globe. “Und wenn dann der Kopf fallt, sage ich “Hoppla” (Seerauber Jenny’s song by Brecht)”

  3. This is one of the finest articles I’ve read on this publication. It is powerful in its sweeping moral vision, like few essays are, even though we are talking about essays written by genuine progressives, the supposed vanguard of humanity. I’m sharing widely. Kudos to the author.

  4. Absolutely excellent. The torture and slaughter of living creatures for human profit and pleasure is a great evil, and it is evidence of our moral schizophrenia that we do not recognize it. We tolerate it and justify it as we tolerate and justify war and the planetary wreckage of our quest for growth and wealth. Our abuses and heedlessness cry out for karmic retribution.

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