ENOUGH about Trump! Drop the Personality Politics, Liberals, and Look in the Mirror!

Daniel Read, Distinguished Collaborator

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About the Author
Distinguished Collaborator Daniel Read is a human rights journalist and political analyst holed up in Western Europe. He originally studied journalism at Kingston University, London, prior to obtaining post-graduate degrees in both human rights and global politics. He has written on myriad topics, from environmental and human rights related issues in Latin America to British domestic and foreign policy. He has also carried out multiple interviews, from political figures such as Noam Chomsky, Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn to experts on international humanitarian law such as Neill Kirane (in Ramallah) and environmental spokesmen such as David Van Wyk (in Johannesburg). Daniel cares deeply about the plight of the Global South, ecology, human/animal rights and political and social empowerment. Essentially he’s interested in real journalism, real issues and real people. Real ales are also pretty epic.

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uza2-zombienationThe duo so missed by liberal America, however, have done much more. Obama and Clinton are responsible for deaths in multiple countries, the modernisation and upgrading of the US nuclear arsenal, the support of fascism in Ukraine, and the intentional exacerbation of military tensions in Eastern Europe. For some remarkable reason this often escapes notice.


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2 thoughts on “ENOUGH about Trump! Drop the Personality Politics, Liberals, and Look in the Mirror!

  1. Absolutely spot-on, Daniel. I’m a USAn also “currently holed up in Western Euroope,” and am dismayed to see my adoptive countrymen not much more conscious than the Americans of the realities you describe. The hypocrisy and selfishness runs deep.

  2. Brilliant! And it would be hopeful if I thought the insights and analysis Mr. Read has so elegantly and eloquently offered here could possibly penetrate the thick skulls of America’s faux-progressives. Even the best and brightest of us have been swept along in the tide of emotional infantilism, rendering in-depth, nuanced, constructive, balanced, creative exchanges a distant memory of an age which predated the internet, smart phones, reality TV, ADHD and Twitter.

    However, I don’t pine for the past. I grieve for the devolution of homo sapien Americanus, a sub-species which is engineering its own extinction.

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