Peace Activists Confront Amy Goodman on Biased Syria Coverage

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 Daniel Borgström is a former U.S. Marine, a Dissident Voice and CounterPunch writer, and a member of Veterans for Peace-East Bay, Chapter 162. He can be reached at  Ann Garrison is an independent journalist based in Oakland California. In 2014, she received the Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza Democracy and Peace Prize for her reporting on conflict in the African Great Lakes region. She can be reached at @AnnGarrison.  

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And why did you enlist back in 1959? The short answer is: there was no KPFA or Pacifica affiliate station where I grew up in the Puget Sound area of Washington. “We have to defend the country against Communism!” That’s what I grew up hearing, constantly. Nobody questioned that. They described Communism as really awful — SURVEILLANCE STATES. What they described was pretty much like the surveillance state we live in today here in the US, and that was what I joined the USMC to defend our country against.


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3 thoughts on “Peace Activists Confront Amy Goodman on Biased Syria Coverage

  1. Amy Goodman lost my attention a number of years ago… when I realized that not once has she ever aired a story about the plight of animals, especially those labeled as food animals. The only time she mentions factory farms is when the pollute the air or water of humans close to the center of hideous, unbridled cruelty. She eats meat, wears leather, but probably not fur because it doesn’t fit with her goody goody image…. too elitist. The only time I can recall a story on animals was when a warrant was issued for the arrest of the head of Sea Shepherd because he came too close to a sharks fin operation. It is always about humans for her…. her lack of empathy for the terrible suffering of animals leads me to believe that her compassion is only skin deep… rather than profound and all encompassing.

  2. Thank you, Daniel Borgstrom, Anne Garrison and Patrice Greanville for posting this piece.

    As the authors here attest, Amy Goodman was a hero to many on the “Progressive Left” for years. I heard her speak at a Harvard colloquium about a dozen years ago, and she was spot-on. But, we should recall, there were too-few people taking principled stands against the war-mongering Empire then. Too many had been caught up in the horrors of 911. And, we should also remember: people change!

    It is always difficult to admit that our “heroes” can have feet of clay! In our divided and divisive politics, it’s easy to point accusatory fingers at “the other team” as having all the reprehensible characters. We won’t get beyond that devisiveness until we recognize that it merely serves “the System,” and somewhat masks its corruption. And we should acknowledge that there are probably as many self-serving egoists (and egomaniacs) on “our team” as on “their team.”

    We might get beyond our nonsensical, infantile name-calling and finger-pointing with a better understanding of history and human psychology. Happily, some writers and editors on the Internet propel us in that direction; unhappily, too many advance themselves in the obfuscations.

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