The Putin Interviews—Oliver Stone’s Greatest Contribution (Videos)

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Patrice Greanville is this publication’s editor in chief. 

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uza2-zombienationIn four hours extracted from encounters spanning two years (2015—2017), Putin emerges as an articulate, intelligent, eloquent and highly knowledgeable person. Informal and unassuming to a fault, he mixes freely with people, plays hockey, practices judo, does his morning exercises every day, and seems in almost all regards a veritable straight-shooter, a man whose word can be trusted, the precise opposite of Western politicians, past masters of mendacity. (In one scene we see him being interviewed by Stone while he drives his car through the streets and boulevards of Moscow).



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5 thoughts on “The Putin Interviews—Oliver Stone’s Greatest Contribution (Videos)

  1. Hi Patrice! Interesting to see Oliver Stone’s take on Putin. Kind of an odd take, but it is looking at an alternative to the corrupt US oligarchy. But, Is Russia a democracy since the fall of the Soviet Union? What happened to the communist party? How does one describe Putin’s party – the merger of United Russia and the Fatherland – All Russia? Wikipedia describes “United Russia party supports the policies of the presidential administration.” I don’t think U.S. the Democratic and Republican would be described that way in theory, though though Trump seems to want a government that also supports HIS presidential administration. He’s stocked his Cabinet with billionaire oligarchs, similar to the billionaire oligarchs who run Russia’s major industries…and then Trump also has a problem with organized crime. Did you see Dutch TV documentary on Trump’s links to the Russian mob? James Henry is an investigative journalist who works with Pulitzer Prize winning David Cay Johnston,

    1. I accidentally omitted “policies” in my comment — here it is corrected: I don’t think U.S. the Democratic and Republican would be described that way in theory, though Trump seems to want a government that also supports HIS presidential administration policies. He’s stocked his Cabinet with billionaire oligarchs, similar to the billionaire oligarchs who run Russia’s major industries

      1. I also meant to preface my comment that I would certainly trust Oliver Stone over the mainstream media any day. But my concern is not so much nuclear war with Russia these days, as I am more concerned with Trump’s major conflicts of interest — he and his family are more interested in how they can monetize/profiteer off the presidency- Trump had so many bankruptcies that no American banks would lend to him but Deutsche Bank (which was heavily fined after $10 billion was money laundered by the Russians) and Trump is its largest lender, and undoubtedly, Russia oligarchs who have bought his properties. The emoluments clause specifically (foreign and domestic) and how he is obstructing justice with respect to investigating his moneylaundering connections. One thing that does ring true to me is the enormous wealth he wants to have, and he doesn’t care what kinds of shady people he works with. Most people wouldn’t want to have any connections with loan sharks and the mafia…why should we have someone in the Oval Office with such connections trying to undo sanctions (Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson appointed secretary of state) for a $500 billion oil deal in Russia, for example.

      2. That does not make Russia’s role in the world or its important policies the same at all. It’s a transient similarity that must be differentiated according to culture and the direction in which both societies are moving. Russia has its oligarchs, bred and planted there by the US-led “overhaul” and liquidation of the Soviet Union under Yeltsin, transforming it almost overnight in a savage capitalist nation. But the tendency today under Putin is away from oligarchic power and the gradual liquidation of their influence on politics, precisely the opposite of what you see in the rotten American system. Just compare how the ordinary Russian has seen his situation improve dramatically under Putin’s leadership with the fast immiseration of the US middle class (not to mention actual blue collar and lumpen proles), whose lot is looking rapidly more and more desperate. The miracle of the great US middle lass in the wake of WW2 is now melting as fast as the glaciers on both pole caps.

  2. Thanks, Anna for your comments. There is no quick and easy answer to your concerns, except to deepen your knowledge of the anatomy of the US-led imperial system, its bankrupt “democracy” (that never was, as it has been a plutocracy from the start) along with reading and better understanding other international actors, like Iran, Russia, China, Philippines, North Korea, Hezbollah, Syria, Ukraine, and so on. It’s a vast topic but not overwhelming to a bright mind in search of answers. Just make it a habit of reading The Greanville Post each day or each week, and be sure to be subscribed to our RSS or bulletin. Our Virtual University section (see top menu) has some very eyeopening articles you can browse, as well as the other sections which analyze the international situation (Russia Desk, Armageddon, Election 2016, etc.), the role of the Democratic party these days, in alliance with the deep state (CIA/NSA, etc. and the hidden plutocracy, and the cynical (mis)use of identity politics to distract attention from the real issues afflicting America and the world. It is precisely what the liberal media, including its presstituted “comics” like Colbert, etc., have facilitated, by turning a huge collective blind eye to the betrayals of liberalism, personified by the Clintons and Obama, all of which paved the road to the current Trumpian cesspool.

    In sum, just read at random even if you like, but be sure to read RADICAL commentators and analysts, and never mainstream sources, as those by simply appearing on the corporate media indicate they have been vetted and defanged. Cogent truth-tellers never appear on the mainstream media, even if some people SOUND as if they were truly against the things that you are against.

    Frankly, you don’t need the mainstream media at all, except for superficialities like celebrity gossip, weather reports, and sports scores, the only topical areas where they don’t lie through their teeth. because truth in those innocuous ephemeral areas does not represent a threat to the legitimacy of their masters—the 0.000001%, who also happen to own the media.

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