Merkel attacks latest US anti-Russia sanctions

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uza2-zombienationIt is often said, quite correctly, that Russia is for Germany a relatively minor trading partner and that the impact of the sanctions on the German economy has been small.  Whilst this is true it ignores the greater truth that – as I had repeatedly heard for myself – the German business community before the sanctions had come to think of Russia as they key to Germany’s economic future: a huge country of boundless economic opportunities, culturally and geographically close to Russia, with a strongly pro-German President, which had the potential to be for Germany what the West was for the United States.


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One thought on “Merkel attacks latest US anti-Russia sanctions

  1. One have to realize who and why is putting more and more sanctions against Russia.
    The people who are “!just” installing more sanctions are nothing more than acting as Board of Directors of the federal corporation or corporations with the President acting as CEO of the federal corporation(s).
    IMO, they are doing nothing else than keeping a trades war against Europe and Russia.

    How clear, poor, primitive and extraordinaire the game with sanctions against Russia, Europe, Iran and Syria.

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