Corporate State Media Propagandists Shamelessly Accuse Trump Of Propaganda

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Caitlin Johnstone
is a brave journalist, political junkie, relentless feminist, champion of the 99 percent. And a powerful counter-propaganda tactician. 

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uza2-zombienationAmericans are saturated in the real propaganda of their actual rulers day in and day out, and until we find a viable way to combat that we’re going to have a hard time changing anything. The people of mainstream America can always be corralled back into their stalls no matter what political or social upheavals occur as long as the mass media propaganda machine is functioning. I’ve come up with a few suggestions for how to combat this in this hyperlink here, and I’d like to invite you to add your own creativity to this endeavor as well. Let’s all come up with a bunch of new and innovative ways to kill the lie factory and put Jake Tapper out of a job.



^0Americans are the most over-entertained, uninformed people on the planet.

Ignorant about domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

The most important act anyone can do is stop using all mainstream media.

No exceptions whatsoever. It’s brainwash propaganda.

Toxic sludge for the mind.

Voices like this are NEVER heard on the mainstream media.

The "1%" is the global plutocracy, the billionaires.

A sociopathic, puny segment of humanity.

These people pretend to honor and defend democracy.

But are its murderers and undertakers.

Gross injustice, war, grotesque inequality is their handiwork.

And the murder of the planet

Just 8 billionaires own as much wealth as HALF of all humanity.

That's 8 guys are richer than 4 billion people.

The corporate media is their main line of defense.

That's why the best way to break their hold on us...

Is to break their media.

The corporate chokehold on political information is killing us.

Save humanity, the planet and its innocent creatures.

Increase public distrust in the mainstream media.

Defeat their power to mislead.

They lie 24/7. They sell you war. Injustice. Death. Confusion.

And they never stop.

Some more obviously than others, but they all lie.

So trust no one on the Big Media.

And beware of "entertainment shows".

Most also carry highly toxic imperialist propaganda.

Like the fungal NCIS series. Or "24", glorifying DHS.

The police state.

Or CBS Madam Secretary.

A ridiculous show, like The West Wing.

Telling us the US government is good.

That the president is good...that its cabinet is good.

That the US establishment—which they represent...

has noble aims. Rubbish!

Get the healing truth from citizens' media.

Like The Greanville Post and similar free voices.

Do your part to break the power of the mainstream media.

Defeat the presstitutes. The media felons.

Become a soldier in the battle of communications.

Which we must win.

As the ruling cliques prepare the world for nuclear war...

now it's a matter of survival!

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One thought on “Corporate State Media Propagandists Shamelessly Accuse Trump Of Propaganda

  1. One reason for the immaturity of the USA political scene is the petty zealotry of its media commentators unrivalled anywhere else in the West (with of course an excellent exception of the fine Nazi propaganda during the mid-twentieth century). And as de Tocqueville, the acute observer of US customs remarked: “no Americans (assuming improbably that the US would be the only nation on the continent) are devoid of a desire to rise; but hardly any appear to entertain hopes of great magnitude, or to pursue very lofty aims”. Therefore, all the media commentators are entirely self-serving as Alexis very astutely observed. Foreigners listening to CNN, the international propaganda organ of the US ‘Democratic’ party are often surprised at the lack of accuracy and the surfeit of misrepresented ‘facts’ with an overflow of venom.

    Thus, deliberately preventing any rational explanation of the events reported, the severe slant is well-nigh horizontal like a poison arrow directed at the intended victims. Vicious tunnel vision par excellence. Personal animus is intertwined with what passes for news and for bolstering their pseudo-arguments US ‘cable news’ commentators interview or rather interrogate a bevy of equally under educated and over prejudiced talking heads. Pity the poor nation that must read and listen to such dreck, aside from which the public is subjected to traditionally nationalistic cliché values that are directly contradicted by their mental torturers’ own utterances. In fact, the indoctrination strengthens bourgeois values to a degree that is not even matched in the conditioning by the advertisers who seek to undermine people’s self-confidence hawking their wares which in themselves are often harmful to living beings. Sic transit….

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