Venezuelans Prepare for Possible US Aggression

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uza2-zombienationWill the Trump administration dare attack Venezuela militarily? Given its rage for endless wars, anything is possible.



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3 thoughts on “Venezuelans Prepare for Possible US Aggression

  1. Stephen, while I’ve read and appreciated much of your work for years, you do Venezuela no favors with this short essay, “Venezuelans Prepare for Possible US Aggression”.

    It’s not reportage or analysis; it’s propaganda. It doesn’t deal with the “swing voter” today who’s trying to decide whether the support the Bolivarian Revolution (BR) or break ranks because there are flaws with the Vz gov’t and its policies.

    Maduro isn’t Chávez, and Chávez wasn’t perfect. Vz is a divided society. And the division isn’t neatly or fairly drawn. But it’s better to be truthful and complete when describing Vz today.

    I want to support the BR, but I want its supporters to be honest about the situation there. What must be seen is how the United States is actually undermining not only current Vzn gov’t officials, but the BR itself. There is also the US State Dept and USAID (for whom I worked for a year in Vietnam, ’66-’67, doing nasty stuff that rarely got reported or analyzed correctly, fairly). There are faux NGOs like the National Endowment for Democracy which isn’t really pro-democracy and has been quietly torpedoing the BR for almost two decades.

    Stephen, I hope you will take the time to be less rhetorical and more investigative journalistically. It does no good to white wash the failures and corruptions of many Vzn people and institutions.

    Viva the Bolivarian Revolution!

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