Judas was more principled: Sanders declares his allegiance to US imperialism

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TOM HALL—In Sanders’ overview of world politics, the chief source of the “rise in authoritarianism and right wing extremism—both domestic and foreign,” is the Russian government. Denouncing “inequality, corruption, oligarchy and authoritarianism,” Sanders pointed not to Washington, but to Moscow, declaring that “kleptocrats, like Putin in Russia, use divisiveness and abuse as a tool for enriching themselves and those loyal to them.”

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^0Americans are the most over-entertained, uninformed people on the planet.

Ignorant about domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

The most important act anyone can do is stop using all mainstream media.

No exceptions whatsoever. It’s brainwash propaganda.

Toxic sludge for the mind.

Voices like this are NEVER heard on the mainstream media.

The "1%" is the global plutocracy, the billionaires.

A sociopathic, puny segment of humanity.

These people pretend to honor and defend democracy.

But are its murderers and undertakers.

Gross injustice, war, grotesque inequality is their handiwork.

And the murder of the planet

Just 8 billionaires own as much wealth as HALF of all humanity.

That's 8 guys are richer than 4 billion people.

The corporate media is their main line of defense.

That's why the best way to break their hold on us...

Is to break their media.

The corporate chokehold on political information is killing us.

Save humanity, the planet and its innocent creatures.

Increase public distrust in the mainstream media.

Defeat their power to mislead.

They lie 24/7. They sell you war. Injustice. Death. Confusion.

And they never stop.

Some more obviously than others, but they all lie.

So trust no one on the Big Media.

And beware of "entertainment shows".

Most also carry highly toxic imperialist propaganda.

Like the fungal NCIS series. Or "24", glorifying DHS.

The police state.

Or CBS Madam Secretary.

A ridiculous show, like The West Wing.

Telling us the US government is good.

That the president is good...that its cabinet is good.

That the US establishment—which they represent...

has noble aims. Rubbish!

Get the healing truth from citizens' media.

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Do your part to break the power of the mainstream media.

Defeat the presstitutes. The media felons.

Become a soldier in the battle of communications.

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Parting shot—a word from the editors
The Best Definition of Donald Trump We Have Found

In his zeal to prove to his antagonists in the War Party that he is as bloodthirsty as their champion, Hillary Clinton, and more manly than Barack Obama, Trump seems to have gone “play-crazy” — acting like an unpredictable maniac in order to terrorize the Russians into forcing some kind of dramatic concessions from their Syrian allies, or risk Armageddon.However, the “play-crazy” gambit can only work when the leader is, in real life, a disciplined and intelligent actor, who knows precisely what actual boundaries must not be crossed. That ain’t Donald Trump — a pitifully shallow and ill-disciplined man, emotionally handicapped by obscene privilege and cognitively crippled by white American chauvinism. By pushing Trump into a corner and demanding that he display his most bellicose self, or be ceaselessly mocked as a “puppet” and minion of Russia, a lesser power, the War Party and its media and clandestine services have created a perfect storm of mayhem that may consume us all. Glen Ford, Editor in Chief, Black Agenda Report 

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4 thoughts on “Judas was more principled: Sanders declares his allegiance to US imperialism

  1. Sanders=Judas

    The left is a virulently anti-semitic as the right…

    The only way out of all the scapegoating between the three semitic religions is to leave them all….

    The Jains, who live by ahimsa: non-violence to any living being have never been anti-semitic, racist, islamophobic, or anti-christian….

    They do not perpetuate eternal war between religions….

  2. We are told that Sanders is the most popular politician in the US right now. It seemed to me in 2016 that he was the US equivalent of Tsipras in Greece, who won on a wave of anti capitalist sentiment and immediately sold out the people who voted for him. For that reason, it was a good thing that he DID NOT get elected. If he does reach political power next time around, it will be a further disaster for the Left, which is being deliberately divided yet again, after decades of decay. All too many on the socalled Left still don’t have their priorities straight.

    Without peace, which means dismantling the War Machine, nothing else will happen. And Sanders’ unwillingness to take on the issue of peace immediately disqualifies him.

    1. There will never be peace so long as the three semitic religions persist…. They are all deeply rooted in righteous violence…. and for millennia have found justifications to kill and destroy each other…. We need a change in paradigm from this violence prone tradition to one that understands that peace is not derived from violence:

      “All well-being, all progress, all peace exists and stems from the root of reverence for life” Chitrabanuji, Jain Religious Leader

      The judeo.christian ethic does not appreciate reverence for life, but rather seeks to destroy and conquer living beings… with a false aura of power & glory over the weak and disenfranchised, beginning with animals:

      Genesis 9:1-3 “The fear and dread of you shall rest on every animal of the earth, and on every bird of the air, on everything that creeps on the ground, and on all the fish in the sea; into your hand they are delivered. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; and just as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.”

      and moving on to humans:

      “There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter” Ernest Hemingway

      Religions that excite the urge to kill are irresponsible and destructive. Religions that seek to temper the urge to kill are the path to peace:

      “Ahimsa is derived from the Sanskrit verb root hims, which means “desirous to kill,” and the prefix a- is negation. So a-himsa means literally “lacking any desire to kill” Jain precept

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