The Russian Hack That Wasn’t (Paul Craig Roberts)

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  Paul Craig Roberts is a former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. Roberts’ How the Economy Was Lost is now available from CounterPunch in electronic format. His latest book is The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.

PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS—I have written many times that provoking nuclear powers such as Russia and China is the most extreme form of recklessness and irresponsibility. The crazed morons in Washington are risking the life of the planet. The presstitutes are worse than the whores that they are.  They never question the path to war; they only amplify it.  Washington’s  craven, cowardly, moronic vassal states in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and the rest of the EU/NATO idiots are, by their cooperation with Washington, begging for their own destruction

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^0Americans are the most over-entertained, uninformed people on the planet.

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The most important act anyone can do is stop using all mainstream media.

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Voices like this are NEVER heard on the mainstream media.

The "1%" is the global plutocracy, the billionaires.

A sociopathic, puny segment of humanity.

These people pretend to honor and defend democracy.

But are its murderers and undertakers.

Gross injustice, war, grotesque inequality is their handiwork.

And the murder of the planet

Just 8 billionaires own as much wealth as HALF of all humanity.

That's 8 guys are richer than 4 billion people.

The corporate media is their main line of defense.

That's why the best way to break their hold on us...

Is to break their media.

The corporate chokehold on political information is killing us.

Save humanity, the planet and its innocent creatures.

Increase public distrust in the mainstream media.

Defeat their power to mislead.

They lie 24/7. They sell you war. Injustice. Death. Confusion.

And they never stop.

Some more obviously than others, but they all lie.

So trust no one on the Big Media.

And beware of "entertainment shows".

Most also carry highly toxic imperialist propaganda.

Like the fungal NCIS series. Or "24", glorifying DHS.

The police state.

Or CBS Madam Secretary.

A ridiculous show, like The West Wing.

Telling us the US government is good.

That the president is good...that its cabinet is good.

That the US establishment—which they represent...

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Parting shot—a word from the editors
The Best Definition of Donald Trump We Have Found

In his zeal to prove to his antagonists in the War Party that he is as bloodthirsty as their champion, Hillary Clinton, and more manly than Barack Obama, Trump seems to have gone “play-crazy” — acting like an unpredictable maniac in order to terrorize the Russians into forcing some kind of dramatic concessions from their Syrian allies, or risk Armageddon.However, the “play-crazy” gambit can only work when the leader is, in real life, a disciplined and intelligent actor, who knows precisely what actual boundaries must not be crossed. That ain’t Donald Trump — a pitifully shallow and ill-disciplined man, emotionally handicapped by obscene privilege and cognitively crippled by white American chauvinism. By pushing Trump into a corner and demanding that he display his most bellicose self, or be ceaselessly mocked as a “puppet” and minion of Russia, a lesser power, the War Party and its media and clandestine services have created a perfect storm of mayhem that may consume us all. Glen Ford, Editor in Chief, Black Agenda Report 

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6 thoughts on “The Russian Hack That Wasn’t (Paul Craig Roberts)

  1. So unfortunate that liberal media would go out of its way to discredit itself by pushing the equally false anti-Israel spiel. Never mind the fact that the US is one of the leading providers of weapons to the surrounding Arab states, some of which seek to eradicate Jews from the region, establishing a 100% “pure” Moslem Mideast.

    As of yesterday, at least Wisconsin renewed the allegations that Russia “hacked the election” in this state. How and why they supposedly did this remains a mystery. In this era, media have shone a striking disinterest in logic in promoting such nonsense. It sells to a people who desperately want to blame someone else for the consequences of political decisions we Americans have made in recent decades.

  2. Will Washington follow Adolf Hitler’s folly and march into Russia?

    No, one should understand that much of US braggadocio is clumsy propaganda, meant to divert attention from the real atrocious policies they try to bring about (sometimes with success like the Vietnam debacle or no success like with Iraq). Diversion tactics it is called and by forcing attention to Russia, North Korea etc., their actions concentrate out of the audience’s view on Venezuela and Africa. It is not the subtlest way to exert one’s powers, but then what do they know in Washington?

    The tactic of Russian interference and clumsy politicking by Trump likewise is designed to avert the public glance from the establishment’s true policies to reduce the pseudo-welfare state as what is left of it to smithereens and to build an imaginary but impenetrable military wall around the USA. Often it looks like the hoi polloi at the government suffer from the medieval bread poisoning, ergot, but let that not deceive you, they fully well know what they are doing.

  3. Though I have differences of opinion with Hedges, he outlines in his interview with North of WSWS exactly what the political situation is like in this country vis-a-vis Russian “influence”:

    Question: How do you interpret the fixation on Russia and the entire interpretation of the election within the framework of Putin’s manipulation?

    Chris Hedges: It’s as ridiculous as Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. It is an absolutely unproven allegation that is used to perpetuate a very frightening accusation—critics of corporate capitalism and imperialism are foreign agents for Russia.
    I have no doubt that the Russians invested time, energy and money into attempting to influence events in the United States in ways that would serve their interests, in the same way that we have done and do in Russia and all sorts of other countries throughout the world. So I’m not saying there was no influence, or an attempt to influence events.
    But the whole idea that the Russians swung the election to Trump is absurd. It’s really premised on the unproven claim that Russia gave the Podesta emails to WikiLeaks, and the release of these emails turned tens, or hundreds of thousands, of Clinton supporters towards Trump. This doesn’t make any sense. Either that, or, according to the director of national intelligence, RT America, where I have a show, got everyone to vote for the Green Party.
    This obsession with Russia is a tactic used by the ruling elite, and in particular the Democratic Party, to avoid facing a very unpleasant reality: that their unpopularity is the outcome of their policies of deindustrialization and the assault against working men and women and poor people of color. It is the result of disastrous trade agreements like NAFTA that abolished good paying union jobs and shipped them to places like Mexico, where workers without benefits are paid $3.00 an hour. It is the result of the explosion of a system of mass incarceration, begun by Bill Clinton with the 1994 omnibus crime bill, and the tripling and quadrupling of prison sentences. It is the result of the slashing of basic government services, including, of course, welfare, that Clinton gutted; deregulation, a decaying infrastructure, including public schools, and the de facto tax boycott by corporations. It is the result of the transformation of the country into an oligarchy. The nativist revolt on the right, and the aborted insurgency within the Democratic Party, makes sense when you see what they have done to the country.
    Police forces have been turned into quasi-military entities that terrorize marginal communities, where people have been stripped of all of their rights and can be shot with impunity; in fact over three are killed a day. The state shoots and locks up poor people of color as a form of social control. They are quite willing to employ the same form of social control on any other segment of the population that becomes restive.
    The Democratic Party, in particular, is driving this whole Russia witch-hunt. It cannot face its complicity in the destruction of our civil liberties—and remember, Barack Obama’s assault on civil liberties was worse than those carried out by Geroge W. Bush—and the destruction of our economy and our democratic institutions.
    Politicians like the Clintons, Pelosi and Schumer are creations of Wall Street. That is why they are so virulent about pushing back against the Sanders wing of the Democratic Party. Without Wall Street money, they would not hold political power. The Democratic Party doesn’t actually function as a political party. It’s about perpetual mass mobilization and a hyperventilating public relations arm, all paid for by corporate donors. The base of the party has no real say in the leadership or the policies of the party, as Bernie Sanders and his followers found out. They are props in the sterile political theater.
    These party elites, consumed by greed, myopia and a deep cynicism, have a death grip on the political process. They’re not going to let it go, even if it all implodes.

  4. Fabian,

    The “Middle-East” (a Western European imperialist term) has never been Arabic. It consists of Turks, Kurds (a Turkic people), Iranians (Caucasians), Arabs and over the millennia Jews (both Semitic people). It cannot and is not considered to be an Arab territory, but the artificial imposition of expatriate Jews at the Mediterranean edge as a nation was only possible through British and French colonialism. That is where the rub lies…

  5. Islam has little to do with it, it is like Christianity a world religion divided in two sects (like Catholicism and Protestantism) that battle each other, Sunni and Shi’i. Though there are no records that the smaller sect Shi’i were burned at the stake like the Protestant heretics by the Roman-Catholic Inquisition. As for oppression of women (and children), that is an atavistic anomaly mainly in Saudi-Arabia sustained by an indifferent Western foreign policy, but then it forms part of Judaic orthodoxy too. Is commodification of female bodies in Western advertising and popular culture not equally oppressive ?

  6. There is a certain way of convincing other people of your arguments if they are rational and outline clearly the pros and contras of what you are trying to commute. But the unrelenting stream of petty hatred on the television cable ‘news’ channels of WNBC and CNN against Trump (whatever one may think of him and his administration) only serves to antagonize those who are very willing to listen to arguments that have a defensive basis. But especially women maintain an animus that soon loses its persuasiveness in stumbling again and again over the same imponderables, because it is not Trump’s waywardness and insensitivity to social ills, but his active reduction of entitlements of the public that is dangerous and needs to be stopped. And instead one gets a stream of personal resentment that do absolutely nothing to clarify why Trump is dangerous while only reducing him to a caricature. But then one wonders if this is a deliberate tactic of the corporate owned media to divert attention from the true goals of this administration and that despite their infantile criticism their intent is to support Trump. It would not be the first time that a political system forces people into believing and expressing the most deleterious opinions about their own societal situation.

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