Carlin’s (savage) truths: Hidden political language


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The art of saying nothing while pretending to say something.



^0Americans are the most over-entertained, uninformed people on the planet.

Ignorant about domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

The most important act anyone can do is stop using all mainstream media.

No exceptions whatsoever. It’s brainwash propaganda.

Toxic sludge for the mind.

Voices like this are NEVER heard on the mainstream media.

The "1%" is the global plutocracy, the billionaires.

A sociopathic, puny segment of humanity.

These people pretend to honor and defend democracy.

But are its murderers and undertakers.

Gross injustice, war, grotesque inequality is their handiwork.

And the murder of the planet

Just 8 billionaires own as much wealth as HALF of all humanity.

That's 8 guys are richer than 4 billion people.

The corporate media is their main line of defense.

That's why the best way to break their hold on us...

Is to break their media.

The corporate chokehold on political information is killing us.

Save humanity, the planet and its innocent creatures.

Increase public distrust in the mainstream media.

Defeat their power to mislead.

They lie 24/7. They sell you war. Injustice. Death. Confusion.

And they never stop.

Some more obviously than others, but they all lie.

So trust no one on the Big Media.

And beware of "entertainment shows".

Most also carry highly toxic imperialist propaganda.

Like the fungal NCIS series. Or "24", glorifying DHS.

The police state.

Or CBS Madam Secretary.

A ridiculous show, like The West Wing.

Telling us the US government is good.

That the president is good...that its cabinet is good.

That the US establishment—which they represent...

has noble aims. Rubbish!

Get the healing truth from citizens' media.

Like The Greanville Post and similar free voices.

Do your part to break the power of the mainstream media.

Defeat the presstitutes. The media felons.

Become a soldier in the battle of communications.

Which we must win.

As the ruling cliques prepare the world for nuclear war...

now it's a matter of survival!

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One thought on “Carlin’s (savage) truths: Hidden political language

  1. How to make friends and influence people…

    One interesting feature of the moving images on television is that one can observe body-language in the protagonists especially with political figures. If one looks carefully much can be revealed.

    For example, Trump with Putin in Hamburg, whereby Trump made a brusque gesture with his hand as to say go ahead to Putin, who clearly at first taken aback by this aggressive movement, then looked down and was obviously offended as it signified the usual US male dominance. One wonders if he was aware of the uncertainty contained by that gesture, which is another feature of US male behavior.

    As for women in politics it veers from assertive non-smiling grim faces with short gestures as displayed by the war monger Albright to those who try to get their arguments through by apologetically smiling, shown by Clinton (but in her case strengthened by a strong dose of self-congratulation). Both however seem painfully aware of the second-citizen rating of political women which lingers on despite the slow acknowledgement that women can be as effective and destructive as men. Men never make faces in the many pseudo-discussions on the patient television screen, but women often show their contempt or agreement by grimaces and forced smiles. The tough resistance against their judgments often results in a stubborn holding on to their opinions, even factually wrong ones by their undisguised body language.

    The capitalist hierarchy which reduces women to immaturity and uses their body parts as tools to sell surplus goods, is visible on the main communication and propaganda machines where announcers have become commentators, each with her/his prejudice and blindness. This has correctly been diagnosed as the result of a totalitarian education which restricts any deviation from the prescribed programs. And it cements the mind within unassailable untruths, causing bottling up of rationality. The more conservative the cable channel, the shorter are the female skirts, which symbolize the unhealthy pattern of sensuality with the forbidden assault and the medium thus obscures successfully the real message, which is that of pure domination.

    One of the most important features for social change is the redirection of perceptions within the public. So far, the intrusion of the television screen in our homes and consciousness is deleterious to all insight with the potential exception of one reading the signs correctly, which is occluded to most viewers. The danger of this kind of psy-ops on the US television screens cannot be overestimated because the stark lies start there, and the ‘news’ consumer has little resistance against the untruths that are emphatically pronounced on the flickering screen by deliberately chosen attractive personae. The masks are real and not just put on for propaganda, because the announcer is even more deluded than the onlooker in this harmful social structure. The indoctrination dangers of film, television and even the Internet are cruel and debilitating and these ‘information’ venues should be the very first project for effecting significant change.

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