Translator note: Chairman Xi Jinping himself proposed as much in 2016! See China offers alliance against NATO

America has finished playing: the Russian-Chinese military alliance is on the agenda. Chinese diplomat invites Russia and the PRC to unite against the US.

The military attache of the Chinese Embassy in Moscow, Major-General Kui Yanwei has called on Russia to jointly resist the pressure of Washington. Only in this way, he asserts, can we ensure peace in our regions and on the whole planet.

Tsargrad was one of the first to report about this truly sensational statement, noting that it was made during a meeting with the chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Viktor Bondarev.

Hello Cold War?

At the meeting, Bondarev and Yanwei, as a starting point, identified the new Pentagon strategy, in which both Russia and China are viewed solely as a threat.

Sino-Russo alliances are not a new concept but the natural position for rising independent powers threatened by Washington.

Tsargrad wrote about the new National military strategy of the USA, which was presented by the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis. The Minister of Defense dotted the "i", then actually dipped the world into the atmosphere of the Cold War. And the most gloomy period - when the US waged war against Korea, and they were opposed by the USSR and China, who had just achieved independence.

But in a sense, you can thank the Americans, once again plunged into the same old paranoia. In their time, they made enormous efforts never again to see the horror when two million Chinese volunteers, under the cover of Russian aviation, methodically pushed the Americans back to where they came from. During almost the entire 60s and 70s, the USSR and China were in a state of enmity. And the Americans rubbed their hands on the sidelines.

Now the Chinese military attaché suggests that Beijing and Moscow jointly stand up to the pressure of Washington and its allies. "The US and Western countries in the European part are holding back Russia, while in the Asian part they are holding back China," Kui Yanwei explained.

Also, the Chinese diplomat added that the experience of increasing the combat training of the Russian army would be useful for the People's Liberation Army of China, taking into account the operation of the military security services in Syria.

How important are these words?

Who is Kui Yanwei, and how authoritative are his words? Did he exceed his authority, and is already headed to a distant garrison in the Xinjiang Uygur District to take up the vacant position of platoon commander? And in order not to embarrass the soldiers, change the general's epaulettes for those of a lieutenant?

No, judging by the interview he gave last year with one of Russia's leading military observers, Viktor Litovkin, regularly speaking on Tsargrad. For Victor Litovkin, the current statement of the Chinese attache fits into the general political line of the PRC in relation to Russia.

"Recently, China-Russia military relations have been developing very dynamically," the expert said, "China and Russia signed a roadmap for military cooperation for 2017-2020, which indicates a high level of mutual trust and strategic cooperation." Both countries have collided with new threats and challenges in the field of security, and jointly defend regional peace and stability. The next stage will formulate a specific plan for the development of military cooperation. "

Only logical

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ndrei Ostrovsky, deputy director of the Institute of the Far East RAS and one of the leading Sinologists of Russia, sees logic in the statement attache of China.

"I can not say that this is an illogical statement," he said in a conversation with Tsargrad. "It is quite logical given the US "attack" on Russia and China at the same time, taking into account the statement of Defense Minister Mattis."

"Yes, and in fact, the Americans are beginning to really try to threaten China in the South China Sea," the scientist said. "The Chinese even made an official statement that they would respond with firmness if necessary, and this statement was made by the Foreign Ministry."

"Russia is also under pressure, in particular, from Europe through the NATO bloc. The exercises of the US troops in the Baltics are already right on the border with Russia, and the situation in Ukraine is also heavy. In general, the issue has matured, because objectively the pressure of America on all lines can only be resisted in the union with China."

Yes, but can it be that a military alliance between China and Russia is possible? The Chinese are known for what is always on their mind, and with the duration of their civilizational history for at least 4 thousand years, this should already have become an integral feature of the national character. Are they ready to "fit in" for us, if they are not personally threatened?

"We regularly conduct joint military exercises, we conduct joint maneuvers 2 to 3 times a year, for what purpose?" "To simply write about it in the newspaper," answered Professor Ostrovsky, "No, these maneuvers pursue quite realistic goals. Military cooperation must somehow be brought to a higher level if the political will of both countries is to do so, and closer association at this high level means already signing a mutual assistance agreement in case of an attack on one of the countries."

"No, there is nothing impossible in this at the current level of development of Russian-Chinese relations," the scholar repeated. "It's one thing when we defend ourselves and quite another when we have China on the other side back to back ...

"China understands no less than we that we are now entering a moment of truth. It is not known what statement the US will make at any moment. And so serious measures must be prepared today. And China is our only ally in these conditions. I am convinced: when it turns out that Russia and China are together - America will think hard about whether it is worth it to start a new round of hostility with both of us. Because if we compare the general potential of Russia and China, then I think that neither the US nor the entire NATO bloc will have an advantage over this joint potential. "