Can Sport Hunting Ever be Ethical? Luke Dommers CASH organisation tackles the question.


Who was Luke Dommer, founder of CASH?
NYTimes obit clarifies the question. Click on the button below.

Luke Dommer Sr., 62; Led Group Opposed to Hunting of Animals

Luke A. Dommer Sr., who founded and led a national organization opposed to the hunting of animals for sport, died on Tuesday at the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Haven, Conn. He was 62 years old and lived in New Fairfield.

He died of cancer, his family said.

Mr. Dommer, who for years befriended stray and wild animals, started the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting in 1975 with $12 worth of pamphlets.

His views were based on moral opposition to the killing of other creatures for fun or recreation and also on a biological argument that hunting destroyed prize specimens and thus violated evolution’s laws of natural section and survival of the fittest.

The committee’s membership grew to 5,000 and it sponsored rallies, demonstrations and patrols at nature preserves. As the organization’s president, Mr. Dommer became a frequent speaker on the issue.

He said deer hunters’ desires for trophy heads of bucks with large antler racks, for example, meant that the best of the species became targets for hunters.

Mr. Dommer accused the hunting and gun-manufacturing lobbies of controlling the management of America’s wildlife through what he called biased state and Federal game regulations.

The committee does not oppose hunting by people who depend on game meat for their subsistence.

Mr. Dommer filed court challenges to deer hunting in Harriman State Park at Bear Mountain, and in 1984 the Interstate Palisades Park Commission voluntarily voted to end it. The committee also won litigation in 1979 for the right to demonstrate at Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey.

His efforts won awards from the New York State Humane Association, Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Humane Society of the United States.

Mr. Dommer was born in Manhattan. After serving three years in the United States Marines, he became a graphic artist and sign maker. Eventually he devoted full time to the anti-hunting cause.

Surviving are his wife of 42 years, the former Dolores Soto; a son, Luke Jr. of Manhattan; a brother, Paul of Bablyon, L.I., and one granddaughter.



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