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Crimes Against the Earth

ABDREW GLICKSON—Possessed by a conscious fear of death, craving a god-like immortality and omniscience, Homo developed the absurd faculty to simultaneously create and destroy, culminating with the demise of the atmospheric conditions that allowed its flourishing in the first place. The biological root factors which underlie the transformation of tribal warriors into button-pushing automatons capable of triggering global warming or a nuclear winter remain inexplicable.


Imagine If Saudi Arabia Was Not A US Ally

CAITLIN JOHNSTONE—Saudi Arabia is a US ally, and a very close one indeed. Its petrodollar deal, its prime strategic location and its ability to move vast amounts of wealth around behind a veil of total government opacity in the facilitation of sociopathic agendas has made it a priceless asset in the US-centralized empire’s relentless quest for global domination. This remains true in spite of whatever particular quibbles that empire might happen to have with MBS, and in spite of any journalists’ unfortunate encounters with any bone saws.


Time magazine honors journalists facing repression—but snubs Julian Assange

Time ’s “Person of the Year,” of course, goes to a nominee chosen by the magazine, and therefore someone selected from the standpoint of service to the interests of the American capitalist class. The magazine was long owned by the Luce family, and later was the flagship of the giant Time Warner media conglomerate. It was sold last year to Meredith, publisher of glossy upscale magazines like Better Homes & Gardens. Then, in September 2018, Meredith sold Time to Marc Benioff, the billionaire owner of, who will run the magazine as a stand-alone piece of personal property, like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, who owns the Washington Post.