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Exhuming William Borah

JOHN R HALL—Stephen Paddock was just a guy.  Like your neighbor, your friend, your brother.  We won’t stop the next escapade by requiring registration, background checks, or limiting the size of the tools of the trade.  The terror of mass murder is the direct result of the acceptance of


The Most Dangerous Place in The United States

You fire him on the spot, leave the most dangerous place in The United States, and immediately adopt a plant-based diet.  Six months later, you’ve lost 20 unneeded pounds, feel stronger, younger, and happier.  Cardiovascular disease is history.  It is a food-borne illness, and you’ve sent


Rebellion, Revolution, & Catch 22

The slave-owners who control and handle her, maintain a keen eye on the far horizon.  Today the world, tomorrow the universe.  Like The Beast herself, the slave-owners have grown ever fatter, and have become completely oblivious to the concept of ever having enough.  No matter what the cost and to whom.