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Macabre Mural Mocks American Military Mayhem 

To understand the mural from an Iranian perspective,  you’d need to spend three or four lifetimes studying its 6000 or so years of continuous inhabitation.  Since that’s out of the question, let’s go back to the middle of the last century, when the world was just starting to recover from the carnage of the planet-sized barroom brawl known as World War II.  Along about 1951, Prime MinisterContinue reading

Dinner with Lennon, Buddha, Owsley, Muhammad, Musk, & Jesus

Since I’m an atheist, it may be surprising that my guests will include the most prominent figures from three of the world’s most influential religions.  I’ll be waiting at the front door to greet Gautama Buddha, Muhammad, and Jesus of Nazareth, but I won’t hold my breath.  The very probability that these three characters ever existed is highly questionable, being from the oh-so-distant past.  ‘Tis likelyContinue reading

Living Among Those Who Pretend to Sleep

The Navajo (Dine’) have a saying that goes something like:  “It is not possible to awaken those who only pretend to sleep.”  This pretty well sums up the vast majority of folks who live in Empire.  Emphasis on “vast”. Fremont, Nebraska…Christmas Eve, 1952:  Mother read me “The Night Before Christmas” just before turning off my bedroom light.  One of my first memories, andContinue reading

The Peace Dividend: A Time to Take Dead Aim and Attack

  Much more recently, there have been less enthusiastic, somewhat limp protest events in the streets of Empire.  In 2003, our Jackson Hole group, protesting the upcoming Iraq War, was herded into a remote churchyard where we wouldn’t bother anyone.  I painted the obligatory signs and marched with mostly Mexican immigrants against the racist Senate Bill 1070 in Phoenix, and again with theContinue reading

Hey You, White House: Ha, Ha, Charade You Are

The Donald Trump Fan Club is made up of an improbable assortment of strange bedfellows indeed.  His fraud and charade have inspired and invigorated a vast majority of alt-right, skinhead, Nazis for all obvious reasons.  Oddly, on the far-left, a large contingent of my brethren: Internationalists/Socialists/Communists are convinced that the fledgling president, in spite of his overtly racist/fascist agenda, is fighting the good fightContinue reading