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The Tribal Codes of the Liberal Class

JASON HIRTHLER—Rather than face their hypocrisy and do the work of reconstruction, the Democrats hastily constructed a few flimsy scapegoats on which to pin their frustrations. They conflated Donald Trump with what they now call a “Russian influence campaign” into a colossal media construct called Russiagate. They have since herded all the liberal sheeple into a band of bleating resisters who clamor for the president’s impeachment. They recently held a summit at a Republican’s funeral, where they lionized a warmonger and bonded over their shared contempt for the president.


Anatomy of a False Consensus

JASON HIRTHLER—If freedom and democracy are the movie posters that sheathe the reality of imperialism, then the onscreen mise-en-scene is populated by stock characters that supply the illusion of debate, of democracy in action. What it really is, is the insular consensus of a hidebound elite. Their children aren’t being deployed, their jobs aren’t being offshored, their paychecks aren’t being garnished…